Skype recently updated its Android client with enhancements to UI, new features and video call support. But video calling is supported only on four Android devices at the moment. With today’s hotfix that Skype announced via Twitter, Nexus S 4G got added to the video call support list. Although, a trip to XDA would get you the hacked .apk with video call support for your Android device, it’s nice to know that Skype is indeed working on bringing more devices to the video call support list “officially.”

Via: Androidcentral


  1. Every hands on review ive seen of this thick heavy talebt is showing it displaying Video of its functionality .Ummmmm something tells me it’s not ready and probably unstable. If I wanted a talebt the iPad gets my cash. Its thiner, lighter and more importantly stable. I also hear the ipad’s development community is massive compared to the any of the competition .Sorry Motorola, it just doesn’t cut it for me.

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