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Verizon doesn’t seem to know anything about Android (or likely any of its phones.)

Is anyone else bothered by carriers (specifically Verizon) calling every Android OS powered phone a “Droid”?  I was hesitant to declare them outright stupid, but then I realized anyone who can read a manual can often tell you more about the phone than the staff at either the retail or phone support routes of customer service and the fact that I pay them hundreds of dollars a year for the service pisses me off.  More pissed off than a frat house balcony.  Calling the Motorola Droid a Droid is fine because that’s the name of the device.  Taking up the name and imposing it on other phones, i.e. “The Droid Incredible,” I think causes confusion amongst consumers.  Plus, if I were motorola I’d be flipping my shit that Verizon is taking the name off of my most successful handset since the Razr bullshit and slapping it on HTC and other manufacturers Android offerings.  To me, this lends to further confusion that just adds to issues of fragmentation and varied customer experience.

All stupid names aside I just think they should advertise and market Android, the name Google paid so much money for over copyright violations.  That would bug me.  Why not just change the whole damn OS name, avoiding infringement and redundant stupidity, instead of creating this useless secondary moniker?  They could all just be Android phones.  Like the A and the N at the beginning of Droid is going to change that much of the customers perception of quality because it’s related to the Motorola product.  The Moto Droid is not bad ass because of Motorola, I promise you.  Those people have failed more than Charles Manson at parole hearings.  I just don’t see customers walking in and going “OMGWTFBBQ?!? I was cool with this phone when it was just the Droid but I don’t know wtf I’m going to do with these extra letter in the front!”