skype-microsoft-dealIf there was any doubt that Microsoft would be the demise to a great service then check out the recent Skype numbers under the Redmond giants wing. Skype has grown 50% since the sale was completed in October of last year. The 50% increase comes over last years quarter and saw a total of 115 Billion minutes used. For Microsoft, Skype is a perfect fit and the integration of Skype into the Office products and including it on PC’s will increase users worldwide. Even though MS took for ever to roll out the app to their own Windows Phone devices, it is there now and we look forward to more integration of the software even as Microsoft seems fine with leaving Skype as a stand alone service as well.

[Source: TechCrunch]


  1. Well, clearly Skype has survived because Microsoft is turning its attention to killing Nokia and Yammer.


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