If you use Messenger and want a Windows Phone app there’s some good news. The Windows phone app was updated and appears to have a lot more stability and improved performance over the original release. However, it still signs you out of another login. Also, if you’re updating the consensus is that you should not update the app. Instead, uninstall the app then install the new version (no idea why but several reviews state the same thing). It also has a slightly different look. Anyway, it’s not as good as it should be, but at least it’s getting there. And for some reason the reviews seem to be five stars or one star – like it works for half the people…anyway, it’s better than working for none I guess.


  1. Still a little buggy, but it works. While I was setting up my other messenger login on another machine my phone went to sleep and when I woke it up the spinning login thingy went round and round for about 2 minutes. Hit the BACK key and I was back at the login screen. Tapped login and I was in instantly.

    Also scrolling through contacts is touchy. Every time you touch the screen it selects somebody. I had that issue a lot with my old resistive screens but have not experienced that problem yet with my WP7 capacitive screen, until tonight that is.

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