Told you about Smart Shopping back in December here, and it has gone through a few additional updates. Today, V3.1.0.0 was pushed out and gave me enough reason to change my rating from 4 to 5 stars, which is really rare for me. The app was good before but has now gotten even better. All of the suggestions I made in my first post have been implemented along with a bunch of new stuff. How about buttons in the bottom tray that are hidden until the app senses you need them. Easy navigation to different stores/lists, a good coupon tracking feature, email capability, and all new, fresh icons. If you need a shopping list and have not tried Smart Shopping I urge you to download the Trial and give it a try.

From the developer:

You can find the app in Zune Marketplace here. Note that you need Zune running on your PC for the link to work.


  1. Can’t say I love the color and background choices, but I can overlook that because of the functionality. At least for me, everything is logically positioned. But there are more than 20 other shopping apps to choose from in Marketplace. Happy hunting.

  2. No. This one will send a shopping list as an email (body of the message, not attachment) but no sync. Recently looked at one or two in Marketplace though that are web based. Try Shopglider Grocery Shopping List and Shopeasy Shopping List. They both claim to support shared lists. Don’t know exactly how they achieve that though. Shopglider syncs with their website, so you can also sync to a PC. Shopeasy has a server where you can create a group and multiple users can access the same group. Don’t think either interface is all that intuitive but it may do what you need it to do.

  3. @KCMatt: You might want to take a look at Listernet, a web based task/shopping app that lets you share lists. You can find it in Marketplace in the Productivity category.

    Thanks DavidK for the info.

  4. Yeah, then his wife could add a reminder to his group, “Buy wife some jewelry for b’day”. I use and love WinMilk – RTM, but not sure it would make a good “shared” shopping list. More steps than necessary to add “eggs”.

  5. I’ve tried ’em all. It’s hands-down the best WP7 app in the Marketplace. That’s said as the Primo Grocery Shopper In The Family, my official title once you get past “Hon” and “Mom”. Lots of functionality. It just plain makes sense, unlike alot of those other apps which are clearly designed by girls and boys who simply don’t do the shoppin’.


  6. ShopGlider is the best grocery shopping app out there, no question about it. It instantly syncs with the website, supports multiple lists and they’ve just released beta for Android so if you have multiple phones in the family, everybody stays sync in their shared account. Have been using it for a while now and it’s just great. The use interface needs some face-lifting but seems they are working on it.

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