This just hurts and I’m not sure if it should. Brandon Watson is the face for Microsoft’s Windows Phone evangelism. And he’s just fired up his new Android powered Kindle Fire. Not only is he using an Android device, but it’s a tablet that so pointedly displays a market that Microsoft isn’t even competing in. I mean, sure there’s the Samsung Slates but those are at a 5x multiple in terms of price.

What are your thoughts? I don’t want to knock him for buying a cheapo throw away Android device (I mean if nothing else it’s for research to know learn from your competitors but this is an Android device and not just an e-reader like the original Kindle) but I still get that uneasy feeling about the whole thing. Maybe just a reminder that Microsoft has let all of us down, from their employees and down the line.

Oh and complaining about getting a device that asks for an upgrade when opening the box and won’t deploy that upgrade over wifi…uhm that applies to Windows Phones as well, particularly first gen devices still being sold. Just saying…

He’s a stand up guy so hopefully when ARM based Windows 8 tablets are flying for $200 on that level hardware Brandon will do something good like auction off that Android tablet and come back home…


  1. My cousin is working for MS, and don’t be surprised when you are hearing this from me. 
    At MS office, they have (all; motorola, samsung,etc) Android tablets and ipad(1 and 2) for employees to use(check out) for months to test them.
    They are testing out these units for their research, so it’s no big at all.

  2. I think you might be overreacting a little here.

    As you say, MS don’t have any equivalent of the throw away Kindle Fire anyway – it’s not like he’s throwing away his Windows Phone and getting an Android one instead.

    … and, further, if he’s saying that the Fire is unusable without a software update, then that is again different to the WP7 story.  Yes, you need to use a PC if you want to upgrade, but the phone is perfectly usable before that.

  3. I don’t get the angst.

    Microsoft doesn’t have a product anywhere close to the Fire from a competitive standpoint, so why worry?

    And if he wants to be keenly aware of other user experiences, that just makes him better at his job.

    I think that phrase “Eat your own dog food” can be taken way overboard.

  4. I personally would not invest in MS at this point. I have been keeping my android app purchases at a minimum so that when I abandon android for WP, I won’t loose too much. But MS and WP just are not coming through. I have been waiting since OCT 2009. For a “windows” device to match my device lust. I waited till AUG 2010 before I finally bought into android. My next purchase opportunity will be 2nd Q 2012. I will not wait on MS any more after that. I don’t know much about how the stocks are doing, but I would not buy MS today.

  5. nothing wrong with that.. might be for the reason of investigating other platform’s interfaces to see the differences.

  6. Nothing to add here. Just want to see if posting from the desktop will allow me to post via Diskus from my phone.

  7. He’s investing because >30% of developers said that the Android platform they were most interested developing for was the Kindle Fire.

    Know thy enemy is the saying – and if you’re trying to attract developers you have to learn what they like and don’t like about the platforms they’re developing for. That way, you can say ‘You know what, we do this better” or if you don’t you can improve what you do, until it does.

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