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Hangtunes: Hangman + Tunes For Windows Phones

Pretty neat app just hit the Marketplace that plays hangman based on your music. And it’s already an iOS app with 4.5 stars. Let’s just jump to their description:

HangTunes rocks! That’s what I’m hearing from folks who have played this unique twist on the classic Hangman game. How well do you know you’re own music library? How about all those albums you haven’t listened to in a while? Get re-connected with the music you love through HangTunes.
With HangTunes, puzzles are based on songs from your own music library. Check out the song’s cover art as hint when solving each puzzle. Help Rocky reach the top of the rock world in CAREER mode. Or for free play, HangTunes features a CLASSIC game mode in which you solve the puzzle from scratch, and a LIGHTNING mode for even faster play. Finish the puzzle and be the hero!
HangTunes creates an interesting concert environment as your game setting, and spotlights the beautiful cover art from your favorite tunes. When a song comes up that you haven’t listened to in a while, feel free to take a break and listen to the entire song before continuing to the next puzzle. If you’re a stats person, HangTunes will track complete stats for you including hit rates and longest win streaks.
Check out HangTunes today, and experience your music in a whole new way.

The only issue is that there’s no trial. It’s $2 so if you give it a try tell us what you think.