Sony’s new commercial will move you

Sony’s new commercial really makes a case for their new Xperia Z. It starts out by capturing moments in history when Sony was right there with you, it sure did remind me of just how powerful and trusted the brand is. Check out the commercial below.


  1. This commercial made me realize just how many different types of electronics i’ve owned from Sony. The walkman, discman, the camcorder, a TV, computer, internal cd writers, and standalone dvd recorders and have fun memories of them all.

    Sony represented top quality. There was this since of having the best when you bought a Sony Walkman and accessories compared to other brands. I remember I loved Sony PCs because they put in quality parts but used to feel irritated when I wanted to upgrade components because they bolted hardware to the motherboard and computer case.

  2. They moved me away from then long back. the last Sony ones I used are their camcorder and ebook reader. They are just eating dust right now. To me Sony just failed with their Play Station Online thingy.

  3. Have always, and still trust Sony as a brand. Have had a few of their cameras and currently have two of their TVs. No bad experiences. Never much cared for their laptops as they always seems to add a bit too much going on top of Windows.

    I think they suffer from the same thing Microsoft has been guilty of on occasion; not reacting quickly enough to the changing world around them.

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