Traditional flash cards for learning foreign languages enhanced with smartphone technologies  like photos, native speakers’ dubbing, learning progress visualization, smart adaptive algorithm, and detailed statistics. The program helps you to skip the stage of translating a word into your mother tongue first, but memorizing a direct match of a subject and a foreign word instead.

    • 1000+ words
    • 65+ categories
    • Explicit photos for all words
    • Sliding and rotating finger-friendly cards
    • Voice records by native speakers
    • People, different animals, birds, insects
    • Clothes, shoes, furniture, tools
    • Places, scenery, street, house
    • Office, computer, electronics, school
    • Fruits, vegetables, trees, food, drinks
    • Art, books, casino, fairy tales
    • Car, sports, weapon, jewelry
    • … and many others
    • Expand your vocabulary
    • 5 different learning modes
    • Track your learning progress with detailed statistics
    • Smart algorithm for adapting the learning process
    • 3 dimensions of memorizing: visual, audible and textual
  • New age approach to flash cards

    1000+ most commonly used words

    Natural memorizing skipping the translation stage