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Spb Keyboard, The ideal solution for touch screen typing?

Just updated is the Spb Keyboard  to v4.1.1 with what seems to be a fair amount of fixes. You can be the judge of that as I’m only reporting it. I haven’t found much use for another onscreen keyboard that can replace the one already on the Fuze / Touch Pro. If you use Spb Keyboard, let us know what you think!

Here is a list of what has been updated:

Version 4.1.1 (Mar 03, 2009):

  • Portrait skin in full screen mode
  • Own dictionary based word suggestion in the half screen mode (only full screen before)
  • Bug fixes in language layouts based on user reports
  • Use of the native dictionary to improve suggestion
  • Performance fix in full screen mode for HTC devices
  • Backspace button performs "undo autocorrection" after autocorrection occured in half-screen (standard) mode
  • Fix for cases when the fullscreen mode is bounded to the long-press of hardware buttons
  • Small fixes in Symbol layout
  • New layouts (some layouts require national fonts):
    • Tatar
    • Vietnamese
    • Kyrgyz
    • Kazakh
    • Mongolian
    • Azerbaijani
    • Albanian
    • Makedonian
    • Slovenian
    • Armenian extended
    • Georgian
    • Czech qwerty
    • Thai Extended
    • English Extended
    • Combined Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian
    • Czech Extended
    • Russian Extended
  • Updated Japanese layouts
  • Other minor bugfixes
    You can download the Spb Keyboard trial or purchase Here