Looks like the first update of 2010 from Spb Software is their Wireless Monitor, gets new widget for MobileShell and support for WM6.5.

SPB Wireless Monitor is a complete solution for measuring data traffic via all types of connections and calculating network usage costs according to your data plan.

What’s new:

Version 3.1 (Jan 26, 2010):

  • Wireless Monitor widget for SPB Mobile Shell added
  • Support for Windows Mobile 6.5 added
  • Bug fixes
    Get the update here: http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/pocketpc-software/wirelessmonitor/


  1. not sure why you would spend 20 bucks on this when you can just spend 10 extra bucks and get unlimited data for a month… and your carrier will tell you how much data you used at the end of it (or whenever you want) although i guess it would help if your making apps that use data and you want to see how much your app is pulling down.

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