My best photoshop skills at a "Tmobile kicks sprint" image

We all know that the Sprint Evo 4G was released today and it is by far the best phone hardware wise and the first phone with Wimax on Sprint 4G network. The guys over at phone scoop decided to put the Sprint 4G network to the test against the Tmobile HSPA + and the Sprint network lost (I would not be writing this if the Sprint network won) Tmobile HSPA netowork pretty much kicked Sprint’s butt not really but it still won and I know numbers can vary from place to place and vary on individual basis. Anyways, here is some of the data and if you want an┬áin-depth┬áreview of how the test was conducted then head over to phone scoop.

[From Phone Scoop via Tmonews]


  1. I am surprised, but not shocked. I know I read a Wimax detail saying it got 3 megs down/1 meg up. I get that where I live on AT&T, so I was not impressed by it. And sure enough, T-Mobile gets that as well. Now if only I didn’t hate AT&T for their latest plan. (Seriously, I loved the company. But I do need more than 2 gigs a month.)

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