User bigchico68 of SprintUsers forums just had some face time with the Sprint variant of the Touch Pro 2 and he shared some photos. With respect to the Touch Pro 2 he said

I just got visual confirmation of the Touch Pro 2. It is awesome I got to play with it. It will be available for Sprint in Mid- June…Enjoy!!

Considering he has photos to prove that he has held a Sprint Touch Pro 2 I’m in no position to doubt anything he says:) Take a look at the photos and feel free to voice your opinion about their choice of color scheme and their customization on the back cover of the TP2. I don’t know why I keep thinking about it, but it just doesn’t look water tight to me:) So, are you going on the Pre line or the TP2 line?

via Engadget


  1. suweet! the design is not crappy mirror like Fuze, better keyboard, it tilts! what is that button on the back?

  2. The button is for the speaker phone. The TP2 has a real sound system for conference calls. There are actually multiple mics and speakers for a real experience so on a phone call you’ll get a lot better quality with this than any previous phone.

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  4. Any updated info on sprints launch of this phone? ok, mayb a silly question but what is the fn button on the lower left side of keyboard?

  5. first i don’t like the design it looks too much like the instinct as does the diamond 2. next i think that the slide up design will lead to a lot of broken phones, i would like to scene the design scheme for it because these phones are an investment and i don’t want to have to keep replacing mine just because of such a physical mistake. also the took a few keys away from the keyboard and the staggered design is questionable. and as far as the photos they look like they were taken in a warehouse not a gadget show. i do however like the bigger screen but is it worth sacrificing the center button hmmmm. also the flash next to the camera is gone which was a way cool feature and does it still have a stylus. as the speaker phone is cool and could be used once in a while how many of us are really going to use it for a conference phone. if someone is planning on having conference calls they should just invest in a conference phone. one last thing all the new features and web capabilities are great except for one thing how does the battery do. if it is the same as the first touch pro then HTC needs to add a xtra battery with a charger like the first instinct had which would make it quite a bit easier then constantly having to have your phone on a charger. my touch pro sucks battery like crazy i have 2 xtras just because of that. we will see how is does. i am also curious to see if it does better with windows mobile

  6. Damn, I just got the ppc 6850 in Nov ’07. The only real differeces that I can see are

    – Wider Screen
    – Tilting Screen
    – Offset Qwerty (more ergo)
    – Enhanced Speakerphone
    – 3.5 mm jack..

    Tbis draws a collective yawn and a big fat WTF? I wanted to get atleast 18 months out of my ppc 6850 before it was replaced…

    The only question is will this device require a plan change to an Simply Everything or Everything Data Plan as some of us that have been with Sprint for a while have some grandfathered plans with attractive pricing and features… kinda dont want to let that go if I dont have to….

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