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Sprint’s Touch Pro 2 Coming Sept. 8

sprint tp2 2 sprint tp2 3 The floodgates are getting ready to open with the second US carrier to have the Touch Pro 2 and it’s just over a week away. The pricing is exactly in line with TMo at $350 with a two year contract and after rebates, but I’d bet we’ll see discounts online like we saw from TMo so don’t go running into the store on Sept 8 if you want a super savings discount:) The renderings provided by Sprint contain European currencies on the keyboard and you can also see that the CTRL button that used to be in the lower left corner is MIA (replaced with SMS/MMS). The FN key was moved to the outside as well and the T9 function no longer appears on the space bar. Let’s see what the final release has and if Sprint does opt to have the Pound and Euro symbol on America devices:)

The press release takes multiple shots at the other carrier’s networks and even the iPhone noting that it’s “a savings of $1,200 over two years vs. a comparable AT&T iPhone plan”. And the business travelers out there are going to love this “Additional business features available on HTC Touch Pro2 include International Quad-Band capability (CDMA, GSM).” And yes, it does contains a 3.5mm headset jack.  Not bad Sprint…not bad at all. The only downer, as expected is that it will be running 6.1 and not 6.5.

So, are you getting in line?