One of the great features of Windows Phones is that when listening to music, even if you stop playing it, you can still restart and toggle the song from the drop down by pressing the volume key. But it never goes away until you restart your device. Well now you can get rid of it with Stop the Music:

Ever wanted to remove the active song from the volume bar without rebooting your phone? Now you can! Just open the application and your music will be stopped. The Volume Bar will be cleared and the music controls removed from the volume bar and the lock screen. No more accidentally pressing the play button.

It’s free and you can get it here.


  1. I actually have a use for this. For some reason, I’ll start playing some audio through bluetooth and every time I reconnect the audio will either start playing or won’t – no rhyme or reason. It wouldn’t be so bad, but it auto-plays even if my volume is set to 0 so I’d never hear it. Would love a way to just not start playing again in most situations, but this is probably the best I’ll get.

  2. Just open up any video for a second or two on your phone and the music control bar will dissapear.

  3. Never tried the video thing, but I don’t really have a lot of videos on my phone. I do have a ton of music and this app addresses a need for something MS doesn’t provide or at least doesn’t provide well. Some sort of option to not auto-play on a bluetooth connect would be nice to have – that’s my bigger issue than clearing the music selection, though closely related.

    I appreciate the article and the tip. I’ll try to use that sometime in the future to see what happens.

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