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No 1.5Ghz Dual-Core Snapdragons Until Late 2011

We’ve all heard the rumors circling about a new 1.5Ghz dual-core mobile cpu manifesting itself in the near future, and like most of you I’ve allowed myself to hope that this was true.  Alas, these wondrous works of engineering marvel won’t be available for us mere end-users until the end of next year, according to Engadget.  As a conciliation(my words not Qualcomm’s), the 1.2Ghz dual-core MSM8x60 chips that have also been rumored to be released soon will “be heading towards consumers early next year.” While, not as impressive as the 1.5Ghz chip it’s still a substantial step up in my opinion.

On the positive side, all oh you who bought phones with a Snapdragon inside(Qualcomm should sneak that wording into a press release for fun so we can all see Intel’s reaction) can rest easier knowing that your cpus will remain at or near the top of the tech tree for awhile longer.  The same goes for those of you thinking about purchasing a phone in the next few months.  1Ghz is going to stay very competitive for the near future.  As for me, I’m still waiting on the 1.2Ghz puppy.  At least I’m trying to, but WP7 and Samsung sure are tempting me to just buy the Cetus as soon as that thing hits.  I’m half hoping that Sammy wont put a SuperAMOLED screen on there or somehow and use cheap plastic to build the phone so I can just pass it up.  Then again, maybe Samsung will be nice enough to save that model for the 1.2Ghz cpu, but i doubt it.

So what about you guys?  Does this change how your outlook on current product longevity?  Or did you not fall for the sick twisted trap that is the rumor mill, like I did?

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