Just received news that some ATT stores are starting to have Windows Phone devices in stock. Some stores are probably getting different devices in at different times before the release date, but its nice to see that the stores are preparing for the release!


  1. Your everday average salesman will not let you buy a device early. To get a sales person to sell you one early you would probally have to either be related to that person or that person would have to be willing to lose their job.

  2. Best Buy is letting you prepay for them but you can’t them till Monday.

    I bugged my AT&T Rep so much that they are holding one for me.

  3. I was an AT&T customer but went into a T Mobile store three weeks ago to look into the HD7. The sales manager made me a deal I couldn’t pass up. She gave me and my girlfriend an HD2 to use untill the release date and promised to trade the HD2 for the HD7. My iPhone4 now belongs to my son and I just got a call from the T Mobile manager to tell me the two HD7’s will be waiting for me at the store on Monday morning. :-)))))))))))))))

    Bye-Bye Apple!!!!! :-))) LOL

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