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AT&T representatives explain your idiocy.

So I walked into an AT&T store today to check out what sort of Windows Phone hoopla might be occurring.  The whole visit lasted an underwhelming (although not really surprising) 45 seconds max.  So I walk in and I’m greeted as soon as I get there.  Acknowledging that another human being has walked into a 20x35ft space with floor to ceiling windows to see them coming is something that they have managed to get across to their employees.  It’s about the only concept they have a firm grasp on and it’s the grasp of a limp wristed, arthritic, octogenarian with carpal tunnel at that.

When I don’t see any sort of Windows Phone display I am disappointed, but again, not surprised.  So now I want to see what these guys know about their phones or in simpler terms I wanted to screw with these guys.  I don’t like tooting proverbial horns, much less my own, but I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting an AT&T sales rep that could actually tell me anything about (or sometimes even recognize) the phones that they sell.  I’m not saying they’re total idiots because I think they have a vague understanding of what something like Bluetooth is but certainly not anything about how it works.  Every time I ask them a serious question that I couldn’t answer with a quick Google (or Bing, whatever) query is met with the blank sort of stare Homer Simpson wears.  So I go and I ask the girl at the podium who greats people if she knows when the Windows Phone display will go up or even they will be getting the first shipments of Windows Phones to sell.  She says that she has no idea what phones I mean or when any display is going up.  After not answering the second part of my question and seeing my disappointed look at her lack of information she counters with “There’s some sort of reset going on Saturday but I don’t know what it’s for.”  And that is about all the information I was able to extract while resisting the urge to strangle her.

The obligatory AT&T Employee stare

Am I overreacting?  Is it too much to ask that the employee of a store know what is being released in less than a week in their store?  I’m really curious how Microsoft has dumped billions into the launch of this mobile platform and forgot to pay off AT&T to give a damn about it.  Maybe this is an isolated incidence of stupidity.  I’m willing to give it a shot.  Anyone feel like making a field trip and reporting back, go hit up your local AT&T business retailer type place (actual AT&T owned and not some private store) and see what they say when asked similar questions.  Doesn’t count if they already have the Windows Phone display because that shit is impossible to ignore even if you are Homer Simpson.  It’s big and shiny with TVs and touch screens.  Hellen Keller would know these phones were coming out by now.  I see no excuse.