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Stop Texting 101 – Another ripoff app makes its way into Marketplace

Reading the description of this app might make you think you just found something better than sliced bread.


Everyone is telling you to "STOP TEXTING"! Laws are popping up every day that are regulating texting on a cell phone! Parents are telling their children to stop spending so much time texting! Doctors are even finding that constant texting is causing many teenagers to have repetitive motion issues (carpal tunnel syndrome) with their hands, wrists and fingers!

Well, now you CAN stop!

The future has finally arrived! With all of this new technology, everyone has overlooked one of the simplest items and that is Voice Recognition!

This is one of the best voice recognition programs. You only need to play with it a few minutes, so it can understand your speech, and you are off and running. It only took me four different statements and it has not missed once since then. And I must tell you, you can hand your phone to someone else, and it will understand them. It’s so Cool!

It is so easy! You have to try it! You will never go back to manually typing your texts!

How It works:

Open the "STOP TEXTING" application.

1. Hit the "Start" button and your contact list will automatically show up.

2. Select the contact you wish to text.

3. Then you will be sent to the mike page.Here you will be able to also attach pictures.

4. Select the microphone; say your message, then press the "Send" button!

That’s it! Your Done…

Ya! Enjoy "Not Texting"! *No more typing

*So easy to use *Great for little kids that can’t type yet.

*Great for anyone that doesn’t like to type.

*Just great all the way around.


But after you take a look at the screenshots, guess what. It’s nothing more than a launcher for the Messaging/TellMe feature included in “every Windows Phone”. You can accomplish the same thing by tapping the Messaging tile or app name. And of course, there is no trial. So the Developer, CACL, wants you to lay down $1.49 for absolutely nothing. Buyer beware. Not going to give you a link for this piece of nonsense. I know it’s not malware, or violating any copyrights, but it is still ripping off those who are naive enough to purchase it. Hope someone, as a public service, purchases the app and gives it the review it deserves.


UPDATE: I see it now has a 5 star rating, of course with no comment. May have to spend the $1.49 to set things straight.

UPDATE2: Ok, so it looks like there is a Paid and a FREE (ad supported) version of this app. Both do the same thing and I can confirm it does what I suspected. Nothing.