t-mobile-sale-saturdayThe face of T-Mobile Carly Foulkes is back with another commercial and this time it is promoting T-Mobile’s “Yes, Every Smartphone Is on Sale, Sale” that is happening tomorrow, Saturday the 24th. All Smartphones will be on sale including some tablets and their 4G Mobile Hotspot, all for $99.99.

Check out the video below and make sure to head on over to T-Mobile and save some money tomorrow!

Here is the T-Mobile page: “Yes, Every Smartphone Is on Sale, Sale”.


  1. Ok I have a bone to pick with T-Mobile. So today is the big sale…..yaaaa! I have been wanting a new Sensation for sometime and I have been after T-Mobile for 3 months to give me the phone for $200 early, I was always told I was not eligible for any upgrades so today I drop be a local store to see what’s going on. Now I know they have been saying if you have 18 months on your contract you are eligible for this sale. I have 18 months on my contract as of this month so I should be good to go on getting a new Sensation for $99, right. I go in the store and proceed to talk to the sales slep and get an ear full of crap. Ok so from what i understand from the moron that talked to me. You are paying $99 as a down payment then get this paying $15 for the next 20 months. OK so lets do the math shall we. That’s $99 plus $15×20…..hum that’s $400 for the phone…..

    Were is the sale? Why am I paying an additional $15 for 20 months for a phone you damn well know they are only paying maybe $100 a unit. Now he looks up my earlier upgrade on his silly computer. Humm it’s looks like you can buy the phone for $232 currently under their earlier upgrade plan. So he tells me he can save me money if I get this phone today because he can put me on a new plan that will save me $20 a month. He prints out a slip showing me the differences with the new plan. I look down to see there is no difference between my current plan and the new one he is telling me I can get into other then the price. They are both full unlimited plans with unlimited text, calls ,internet ( ya untill I hit 5gb), the new plan is $20 less. So he is trying to talk me into saying the money I save will just be going toward the phone and after the 20 months I start saving money. Well let me tell you Mr. Salesmen…….the chances of me even having this phone on 20 months is slim to none. Why would I pay $400 for a phone I can buy out right for $232. His come back ” well I can get you into the new plan!” Well I can get into that plan right now by calling T-Mobile and I can buy the phone for $232…. So lets see that means I would save close to $200 if I just bought the phone and changed my plan.

    So to shorten the story the sale is a total rip off and is only there to get you in the door to empty your pockets of money I’m sure you don’t have or don’t want to spend. So unless you want to buy a smart phone for cost I suggest you stay away from this sale.

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