In the past, I have always stood behind T-mobile and recommend tmobile to other people as a great company with great service but that is all going to change starting today.  I have been a tmobile business customer for about 5 years now (2 years before then left and came back and now I am on my 3rd year of a new contract). Anyways, when T mobile first introduced the touch pro 2 I upgraded my service right away. They very first day that the touch pro 2 came out I upgraded my line of service because I love windows mobile phones and this was the best phone at that time (I have two more lines and they did not upgrade because they are happy with their unlocked iPhones). So, I used my touch pro 2 for about 6 months or so and then started having problems with the device. I called tmobile and they sent me refurbished device as my replacement.

I got the replacement phone and it worked great for about 2 months and then that device started having problems too. So, I called tmobile again and got another refurbished device again as a replacement. As soon as I got the device I noticed there was something wrong with the hinges and the screen would not close properly as the hinges seemed too tight or something and I did not want to take any chance with having the hinges snap off and my warranty being void so I called tmobile again and this was withing 30 minutes of getting my 2nd replacement device. So they said ok they will ship me another one, my 3rd replacement device.

Details after the break.

So the third replacement device comes in and right way I notice it is an older version of the touch pro 2 because it did not have colorful send and recieve keys like my 2nd replacement and it still had 6.1 instead of 6.5 which tmobile released as an official upgrade. This really was not a problem but when I booted my phone I had signal issues I had 1 or 2 bars in my house and my old phone always had full bars (this probably a radio issue but tmobile agents are dumb) they told me it is a signal issue in my area and some other BS but I have two other devices in my house on tmobile network with full signal and I have another touch pro 2 right next to me with full signal. I did more testing of my own driving to different locations and checking signal and things like that and still had issues. Finally they said they will give me another device. Mind you this is my 3rd replacement in 90 days so I am eligible for a multiple warranty exchange program, which is basically a program where I can get a different device if I get 3 replacement devices of the same phone in 90 days.

So I asked what devices I could get and I was told the only other device I can get is a blackberry 9700 but I hate blackberries and I need windows mobile for some of their apps and for their functionality (by the way HD2 price and Touch pro 2 price are the same on T-mobile). So I asked for what windows mobile phone I can get and I was told HD2 is there but I pretty much have to pay full price for it and I would not get as my free replacement device. I argued a bit to try and get it and then said fine, I will take another touch pro 2 but I would like a brand new touch pro 2 please instead of a refurbished one and I was told that is not possible.

However, if I was to select a blackberry 9700 under the warranty replacement program I would get a brand new device sealed in a box but I could not get a brand new touch pro 2 even though i am eligible for the warranty exchange program. So, I was really upset about this issue and by this time I had already spent 4 hours with tmobile customer service and I was just pissed. I figured talking to customer service wont get me anywhere since they blindly follow their computer prompts. Next morning (today) I fired of an email to CEO of T-mobile Robert Dotson and also left him a voice mail and at about 5:30pm or so I get a call from customer service at the corporate office.

The lady basically states because i have had so many problems with the tocuh pro 2 i would not be able to get any touch pro 2 but in turn I can ONLY get a blackberry 9700. I have no options at all the only device I can get is a blackberry 9700 period but if i choose not to get a blackberry 9700 I would have to personally send my device to htc warranty on my own and have it repaired and be with out a phone for how ever long it takes for the repair and to bare all the expenses myself. So basically tmobile is downgrading my device even though i paid for a higher (touch pro 2) they are forcing me to downgrade to a blackberry 9700 and she said for instance if I had a problem with the blacberry 9700 and had gotten multiple replacements with the blackberry they would further continue to downgrade to me to some tmobile dash or something. (She did not specifically mention downgrading but it was implied because she said I would not get a touch pro 2 if I had problems with blackberry 9700 but if I had problems with the Touch pro 2 I am offered a blackberry 9700 which is basically a downgrade)

Usually companies upgrade a customer’s device to make sure it works for them on their network but never in 9 years of dealing with phone companies have I seen a company downgrade a customer’s device when I paid for a higher device. They wont even give me the SAME DEVICE that I had already paid for and I havent even had the phone for one year so the phone is still under warranty but according to tmobile I have only one choice for a device when I have problems with the crappy refurbished POS devices they send me and even the one option they give me is a downgrade of my current device but they claim is in the same category or tier as the touch pro 2.

So do not ever get tmobile service. I am sorry for doubting all of you that always hated tmobile and I am sorry I stuck by tmobile for so long and persuaded many of my freinds and collegues to sign up for tmobile. As soon as my contract expires I am getting out of tmobile and going to ATT and I will never sign another contract with tmobile and I strongly discourage anyone else that is thinking of signing a contract with tmobile. You are better off with another carrier. Maybe the recent Huffington Post article “10 brands that will dissapear in 2011” is accurate because it includes T-mobile. I would really love to see tmobile perish and burn!!!

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  1. My Experience with them is similar. I can not believe the way I am treated. I felt the way I was delt with to be deceptive.
    I have filed a complaint with the FCC, FTC, BBB and attorney General against them. Please consider doing the same.

  2. I guess there’s a reason they’re the least popular carrier. Don’t waste your time with the customer service. Go to retentions. When you call and you’re on hold just start yelling profanities at the automated machine (it works for VZ to get a person to pick you up sooner:)) and then tell them you are leaving tmobile because of this. You’ll get transfered to retentions and they’ll give you head to keep you on board.

    • T-Mobile really sucks! I was transferred 6 times and the last t-mobile representative hung up on me. I explained that it feels like I was getting the run-around. I told them I had been continually transferred. I was kind, I was calm, I never raised my voice. I have been a customer since 2005 and have never been satisfied with how they continually make offers that they do not support. When I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, they always shift me around till I am frustrated. This time I got hung up on.

      There is nothing that feels worse then calling customer service and getting a lack of service. I pay on time. I have several lines. I feel abused and helpless. Because I have three lines, it will cost me $250 dollars each line to transfer to another carrier plus the costs of new phones.

    • I have been with tmobile for over a decade and was very happy with it. Signed a new contract last year and got a phone, had 3 other lines I did not update. Was told the 2-year contract was for the 1 phone. Was told I could cancel the one line in January 2013 as its 2-year contract would be up. Tried to cancel that line, told no. Why not? I am not new to phone contracts. I understand the 2 years means you are paying for the “free phone” during that time and that is why you have a fee for cancellation. However, the line I wanted to cancel had already paid off its phone. Also, why lie and say I could cancel in January when I could not? After over a decade with them, as soon as I can cancel my lines, I will. Right now, they want $800. Can’t do it. But when it is down enough that I can afford to cancel, I will. And as I told them, they will not get another cent out of me. Beware their lies. They will screw you like they screwed me.

  3. get the 9700 and trade it for a hd2 or sell if and use the money to buy a hd2. the 9700 is highly desired phone and it is going for big bucks on craiglist and ebay. think outside the box. all carriers have rules they follow.

  4. @David I did speak to retentions and got nothing.

    @Andy. I am already on that. I already listed a blackberry 9700 for sale on craigslist in my area but its just the policy that I hate and that really pissed me off. Why can I not get a brand new touch pro 2 but I can get a blackberry 9700 and actually I can not even get a replacement touch pro 2 anymore apparently. So if i work at a place that only required windows mobile phones then i am screwed.

  5. I would file a complaint with the BBB. I had a credit company hounding me for months for a bill that the actual company i’m a customer of tells me was paid. Finally i wrote a letter to the BBB and rather than nasty customer service reps, i get a nice friendly person asking what can be done to resolve it. I asked them to provide written proof that i owe them money and never heard from them again.

  6. @vik,

    i believe why there refusing to replace your original phone, might be there belief is the user and not the phone. on june 19 2010 you could have walked in any t-mobile store and get the hd2 for free every phone was free. i am sorry your having a bad time T-mobile. To me there the best carrier around and by far the most honest. no. i dont work for them but i have done business with then. my background is teclo-b2b. verizon=nickle and dime you on your bill and service is not so great i get allot of droped call in nyc.At&t poor service uncompleted 3g backbone, nickle and dime you on your bill. sprint fake 4g,nickle and dime you on your bill and spotty service too/wimax is dead tech. tmobile is by far the most fair carrier/fastest speeds in america 21mb/ only carrier you can go contract free.

    as per wsj(huffintons) they have to be the worst analyst in the world.
    most of these analyst are tards and dont have a clue as to what there talking about. all they look at ebidat and thats it. tmo only service is wireless there market cap 46b making them the number 3 carrier in america from a value perspective. sprint has been losing money for the last ten years at the tone 700 million a year avg. tell me what fuck is he talking about. sprint,att,verizon all have ancillary services yet t-mo is worth tree time what sprint is worth. All analyst do is pump and dump there own portfolio.

    i have been with all the carriers including mccalls thats how long i have using wireless. try again with t-mo. by far the best experience with a carrier i have had.

    once you get your hd2 pay the $35 bucks and switch to emp plan no contract no etf and save your self $25-$50 bucks a month depending on your plan. save money
    and free to leave when ever. tell me who else is gonna do that for you

  7. @Andy

    I know about the tmobile offering devices for free but that is with a new contract. I do not want to open a new line of service. I already I have 3 lines on the account and dont want to add one more and I dont want to be stuck for another 2 years with tmobile. Also i could care less about the wireless internet connections because I do not have a data plan on my phones and do not need data plans because I am around a wifi connection a majority of the time.

    As per huffingtons article. i dont really know how they based it but I just hope they are right.

    Tmobile was the best wireless company I had but honestly I never really tried anyone yet other than nextel when they were still around. So I will see how it goes when I leave tmobile.

  8. If you want to see others experiences with this company, Check out this site.
    I truly feel the are walking a line of “Deceptive Trade”. If more people would contact the FTC Federal Trade Commission, FCC Federal Communication Center, and Attorney General they will have an idea of the trade practices T-mobile practices and hopefully have an influence over future customer service. By googling the above, you can get the complaint forms.
    When I called T-mobile Customer service, I waited for some time to get the first rep. He could not care less and I was obviously boring him. When he was going to transfer me to his supervisor, he dropped my call again placing me in line to wait and re-enter all my phone/security info. When I got through that time my call was totally dropped and I was hung up on. I called through the painful Que for the third time and got someone and his supervisor who PROMICED me they would listen to my original call and return the call in 72 hours. 4 days later I called them back,.It was a TOTAL waste of my time.I heard things like, “It appears nobody has listened to your call yet”,”I would never have told a customer that, I tell them this…you should have…. “They were going to look for the initial call but “convienently” could not find it. It appears not all calls are recorded now they stated..
    In my opinion, The service department ended up being an insult to my integrity. In stead of taking responsibility, they sought avenues of blame. Seems it would be easier to resolve the problem than discuss the “Should have”s” .

  9. @ Nancy are you still with tmobile because of your contract or did you already move to a different carrier?

  10. I am still with them until our contract expires.If there is NO resolution we will change carriers. I am hoping that as I complain I can still have a resolution.
    By taking my complaints through other channels I actually hope to find someone that cares. Until now…the customer service staff has been …shall we say…. inadequate in customer service per anyone’s standards.
    Did you see the site I sent you? You are not alone in your complaints.
    From my conversations with them, they are unmoved and uncaring about negative publicity or resolution of disputes.MAYBE, as my complains continue to trickle in through other avenues there will be a resolution.
    Up until now, I see all the interactions I have had with the Customer Service dept as a waste of my time.
    I will let you know if they respond to my complains through the BBB or My3cents.

  11. Yes, I will take the info you have. I will call if I get no response. Exactly HOW did you get the CEO’s phone and E-mail???
    That I find interesting.

  12. Sorry to hear about your problems Vik. Maybe you should consider terminating the two lines with the iPhones (since they are out of contract right?) as leverage and move them over to the Even More (month to month) plans. I’ve always had pleasant experiences with at&t on over the phone customer service, but their in store service is abysmal. I also get crap reception at home with at&t and work, not to mention 3G is non existent in the places I travel, so I will take my business to T-Mobile later this month on the month to month plan ($60 per month for unlimited data and text and 500 min). Not to mention that at&t reception in Los Angeles is crap and I get fairly good reception with T-Mo.

  13. I am already on the even more plus family plan. I can not take the other two lines out yet because I am on a family plan and if i downgrade my plan when i have one line it will be considered a violation of my terms and conditions and I will have to pay early termination fees for the one line. I am going to wait till my early termination fees come down to $50 and then I will take all three lines over to another carrier. And reception in my area is not a problem with any of the carriers I get great reception with all the carriers where I live.

  14. @Nikhil yes I will. I just want to give the article a little more exposure and then I am going to email it to their media relations department and to the CEO. Also I am waiting to get my blackberry 9700 before I make any moves of emailing this article to them so that way they cant take it back or stop me from getting my phone.

  15. I did see the site that you sent and I know there are a lot of people with complaints.
    Also I will be sending this article to tmobile in a few days once I get my blackberry in my hand so maybe they will read your comments and try to contact you about your problem too.
    They should respond to the BBB complaint. Have you tried contacting corporate office directly instead of the regular customer service? I can get you their CEO’s phone number and email if you would like.

  16. a google search will yield miracles.

    Robert Dotson CEO T-Mobile:

    Phone number: 425 383 4065 (More than likely you will get a voicemail just leave a message)

    Also you can try this person Mark who I think is the actual person that handles complaints his phone number is

    877 290 6323 ext:8015 (you have to enter 341 and then the extension)

    Let us know what happens.

  17. Good luck Vik and Nancy with your disputes. You guys are making me think twice before I take the dive into T-Mobile. How about sending this article to Engadget for maximum exposure. They will crap on anything that isn’t the iPhone, those fanboys.

  18. phillybusta you can send them a tip it if you want but I dont think it will good for me as the writer of this blog to try and push my own article to them. They might think that I am trying to promote my blog. So if you would like to send engadget a tip about this article there is a link on their site towards the top right that says “tip us” honestly I dont think engadget would bite on one personal complaint. But sending them a tip would be appreciated. Thanks.

  19. ok for those of you following this saga that I have on going with tmobile I have an update:
    I got the blackberry bold 9700 last week and I sold it this week and I sent tmobile an email yesterday with a link to this article and I got a call from executive office, Anthony, who said he was ready to offer me a brand new touch pro 2. I dont think he had any idea that I got a blackberrry bold 9700 already through regular customer service and he was ready to send me a brand new touch pro 2 as long as i return my old touch pro 2s but I am not the cheating kind so I told him that I had already received a blackberry 9700 because of what the previous executive office rep said that I can not get a touch pro 2 at all and my only option is blackberry bold. I also told him I dont have the blackberry anymore and that I sold it because i dont like blackberries and I wanted to use the money to buy my own phone. He then offered to give me a HD2 at a discounted price. I told him I will think about it and let him know. The rep seemed really nice and told me to take my time in deciding and that he would give me upto a week to decide what I want to do. I will update all of you again when this whole ordeal is over.

  20. vik,

    that was nice of them. can you share the discounted price?
    i have been with t-mobile six years and their great. i have been with all the carriers
    here in nyc and worked for all them except tmobile . they all suck in there own way. T-mobile has been the fairest and my experience has always been good.
    1. verizon charged me for vzw to vzw calls, year was 1999. i had a bill for $1089.
    i had a client that was calling me all day. this was before free mobile to mobile.
    2. sprint.wrong billing all the time,drop calls, 1996-1999
    3. att/cellular one- filled a judgement against me for .25 cents 1991
    att/vzw/sprint- nickel and dime all there customers. look up fcc erroneous billing by carriers.
    tmobile- straight forward billing
    vzw/att- etf are crazy high. at the end of your contract you still owe money in order to leave them. att/vzw-going to tiered data billing what a rip off.

    t-mobile will provide you with 42mb of speed.
    better than any fake 4g service and lte.

    tmo in my opinion gives their customers the best deals and the most fare contract terms than any other carriers.

  21. I too was called and they really tried ( succeeded) in resolving the problem. I am a happy camper and will stay with them.

  22. Nancy, I am glad I was finally able to help you resolve an issue that you could not get resolved through other means! I am glad things worked out for you and you are happy with tmobile. My issue was partially resolved too. I will talk about it in my update soon.

    Andy, I will give you the details in my update of what happened this weekend. Stay tuned.

  23. Andy it was a special price given to me because of all the problems I was having and because I have been a customer for so long. I dont know if they will replicate the deal for everyone but I got the HD2 for 250 and honestly i could have gotten one on craigslist for the same exact price and not have to wait for shipping and all that stuff.

  24. Vik,

    thats a great price. dont look a gift horse in the mouth. i live in nyc and all hd2 are going for $350 and up used. theirs also the European version of this phone on the market that will not work on t-mobile 3g service so you have to be careful . you got a gift, trust me. the cheapest one i found on craigslist was $200 and it had a broken screen but it worked. i am still looking for one.

  25. In my area there was a guy who was selling brand new ones for $300 and agreed to sell me one for $250.

  26. Do yourself a favor, avoid all things T-Mobile… waste of time, money – customer service unknown concept – anyone else is a MUCH better choice

  27. Ive been with tmobile since i have been born *13 years* and up to now, theres not really that much issues i have with it, if hey say you have to pay full price for it, have you ever thought of going to Wal-Mart, and purchasing it there cause the highest phone price there is probably $99. I got a new phone today (The Samsung Gravity T) And i bought that phone NEW for only $1.50. The HTC HD2 over there right now is $49.

  28. just so you guys know. I got my bill recently and guess what???? i was charged full price of $450 dollars and all calls to the customer service agent are going unanswered. I left a voice mail last and never got a call back. I am going call again tomorrow and if i dont get an answer. I am going to raise hell on tmobile again. lol

  29. I left TMobile a month ago.

    I will never go back. Never. It was a chore to call them with any issues. I never had more than 1-2 bars in my home area for almost two years. I was fearful of the heavy termination fee. I called to ask them if there was anything I could do to get better service, a better phone, what could be done? I live near a large city. However, just about every person I know that has TMobile complains about how terrible the service is. I remember a few months after I joined TMobile I was at home on a phone interview when my call dropped three times! It happened many more times in the future. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be leaving a business an important voice mail or message only to have your call drop and cut you off?

    So I spent more money. I called a few times asking what I could do. “We’ll send someone to look at the tower down the street from you. We’ll probably have to reset it” They did phone tests, suggested a sim card. I get a new sim card. NOTHING changed.

    So on August 12 I ordered a phone from ATT, ported my number the next day and got a bill for $0 in the mail from TMobile. I have yet to receive a termination fee letter. I will never look back. I am very very happy with my new carrier, and have not had the embarrassment of a dropped call.

    Their customer service SUCKED. I had the same thing, being hung up on, having to ask for my information like a billion times only to be put on hold and then my phone dropped.

  30. I honestly relate to you very well. Their customer service has gone down the toilet. Their BBB rating is now horrible. If only new customers would check that BBB rating, they would improve their customer service. Hopefully potential new customers will at least do a google search first.

    Shall I share my story with you? I shall. I have been a customer for almost 8 years. They were Voicestream when I first signed with them. Never had a problem. Really liked their service. My entire family switched. Almost all of my friends switched. Based on me talking up the customer service.

    Well, that’s a thing of the past. I recently upgraded two of my lines. Not really upgraded, just got different phones. I went from a Smart phone to a regular phone. The Samsung Gravity Touch. It’s an ok phone, not worth paying for. Why did I upgrade to this phone from a Blackberry? It was free after mail in rebate. The mail in rebate was offered to me via T-Mobile’s customer website. No disclosure said I couldn’t get it. Huge banner ad says Make This Phone Free. No disclosure on it that applied to me not getting it. Check out says I’ll get the rebate form in the box with the phone. No rebate form…. Hmm, I don’t qualify for the mail in rebate. Why? On another completely different website, the terms and conditions of the rebate(which were never even referred to when I purchased the phone) state that it must be either a new activation or an upgrade done at a retail store.

    Well, Why would you offer a rebate not available to me(or any customer upgrading their phones via My TmoBile) on your website? Simply to mislead people into purchasing a phone that your rebate terms and conditions which were never referenced or disclosed required them to pay full price. Cheap shot t-moBile.

    Filed a BBB complaint. Stephanie says no. I can’t help you. Sorry our website is falsely advertising a promotion but I’ll just act ignorant of it and claim it’s all your fault. But, if you return the phones to us and I get them in 7 days then We’ll only charge you the cost to ship the phones to you. Why? Well, you did request the phones to be shipped to you. Then you can goto a t-moBile store and purchase the phones and get the rebates. Ok? Really? You want me to return two used phones to you. You can’t sell as new, you sell them as open box and get less for them and then I go buy two new phones from a store and get the mail in rebate but I still have to pay all the shipping? How is this benefiting anyone?

    Raising the Bar. Get more – t-mo Bile.

    Wanna see the screen shot of the ad? I have it, forwarding it to every government agency and my senator until I can get this resolved. Binding arbitration will begin in about 60 days unless I can find a way to get it into a real court. It’s really about principle at this point. You offered me $150 in rebates. Give me the damn rebates.

  31. I too am sick and tired of Tmobile. I have a G1 that I bought as an upgade in Feb. % days later I had to send it back because it was defective. Received a new one which I had to return in July because it too was defective, returned that one in Sept because it was defective (same defect on all except the first: keyboard would not light up) and now guess what? The one I received is defective too…I tried to get a replacement and was told that I do not qualify for the multiple exchange and I only qualify for another g1..why would I get another one when they seem to be sending me all their defects??? I am wondering if I can get out of my contract due to defective merchandise?/

  32. I am still happy with ATT. I still get $0 bill every month in the mail. I had auto pay with Tmobile. When I ported my number to ATT, Tmobile deleted my online account. I have yet to be charged an early termination fee. I was under a two year contract. Started with the fave five plan, was grandfathered in.

    Glad to be done with Tmobile, not going to ever refer them to anyone.

  33. i had enough with t-mobile they won’t help me i had to work one day could not used my phone they say we will send you another phone a week later they are charging more than $100.00 for that cheap phone the only thing the do is overcharge me i would rather seek another phone company and complaint with the f,cc

  34. I have been on the phone with their incompetent outsourced office for three days. My “My T Mobile” account offered me an upgrade, but I needed to change my plan to a better web service to get the phone and could not make the change on line because I have FlexPay. When I called they charged me 78.06 to make the wrong change. Then they tried to charge me 21 to change it to the correct plan. By the time they got it to the correct plan the changes canceled out the upgrade option. That being the case, I no longer wanted a change in service plan or an extension to my contract term. After fighting for another day and a half with their call center they finally agreed to put my plan back how it was and refund the fee. Now another day later the fee is charged to my bank account but T Mobile says they have no record of the fee. They actually told my bank to give me back my money but that they have no intention of giving the bank the money. Obviously, this does not set will with my bank, which made no error. How does a communications company loose a digital record? If the money is not refunded my bank is filling a charge back. At least my bank is backing me up, even if T Mobile won’t.

  35. im having the same problems but with the garminfone tmo. company said iv uzed over 5 gb of data wen they told me i had unlimited and i wouldnt have any problems iz ther someone out ther that will step up to the plate and screw the f**king crap outta t-mob.?

  36. deez guys give us all poor service and that person who was saying tmobile is good and all that its bullshit just straight up shit that persons a tard who doent know what he/she’s talking about i bet boost mobile will beat them and take their spot as #1 carrier and for the hispanics them C.E.O’s of tmob. son puros culeros que se qiedan echadotes en su pinches officinas pinches putos kagados

  37. If you are upset with your TMobile service and have been thinking of changing, i can offer contract help when you switch to Sprint and can be set up as a business account. I can offer the best plans, a monthly discount on some plans, HEAVILY discounted equipment, and port in credits of up to 125.00 per line. I can even help with “buying out” your contract in some cases!

    give me a call at 1-800-905-0714 – worth a few minutes of your time!

  38. Yep, T-Mobile sucks. They are the only major carrier to lose subscribers in 2010. Here’s my experience:

    I’m actually considering taking them to small claims court. No idea if that’s even a valid reprisal at this point, but if it is, it’s off to court I go.

  39. I had T-mobile for almost 10 years, since I first got a phone. In the past 2 years, I went through FOUR phones. The systems kept dying. The second time this happened, I was waiting for my replacement phone for over a month, because it was shipped to the wrong address. Tmobile tried to charge me for the phone, but fortunately the person who helped me during this was very understanding and fought on my behalf. However, when my Curve died (the entire database was lost overnight), I was done with everything and switched to Verizon.

    Verizon canceled my Tmobile account while I was in the store, and I called the next day to verify the account was closed. I tried logging into many times and each time it showed my account as canceled. 2 months later, $400 was taking out of my bank account by Tmobile. I called to find out what was going on and talked to a manager. He was SO rude, and would not listen to my side of the story. He said there was no record of me calling, that my account would be canceled that day and i could expect another bill. I understand needing to pay a cancellation fee but continuing to bill me and then treating me with the utmost disrespect is horribly unethical business practice. When I told him that, he hung up on me.

    I used to recommend Tmobile to people but now I tell everyone to stay away – and i am not the first person I have heard of this happening to.

  40. On the 15th of April I made my usual payment of $132.46 leaving me with a current balance of zero. On the 18th of April I paid $454.92 to shut off phone lines xxx-xxx-3325 and 3327. I did this from within the store located at 9613 East County Line Road, Englewood, CO (303) 706-0032. I spoke with an account representative on the phone that the sales associate there called for me. I then changed my plan to the smallest individual plan with unlimited messaging in the store with the help of the young female sales associate. It was around $35. Lines 3325 and 3326 were turned off before I even got back to my car. I received a text message telling me that the changes I made to my plan had taken effect.

    I get an email saying my bill is ready. I log in expecting to pay about $100 for the billing cycle of April 18th to May 15th and May 15th to June 15th. I see a bill for $242.77! For some reason T-mobile didn’t change my plan from the family plan to the individual plan. They also didn’t charge my account the $400 plus tax and services fees for turning off lines 3325 and 3327. They charged me $132 for April to May and $132 for May to June and claimed I had a lot of data and usage charges, though they can’t produce evidence of this because it didn’t happen.

    I tried explaining this to T-mobile through emails with Corporate Customer Service. I have saved all the emails back and forth. They never contacted me to talk to me and calling their normal Customer Care line is a lesson in frustration and humiliation.

    In June I paid $90 which is an estimation of my true bill for the months of May and June. I told T-mobile I would not pay the other charges and they could turn off xxx-xxx-3326, my main number. To ensure I had continued phone service, I switched to Sprint.

    Several quick recaps and points.
    1. I would be a moron to go into the store, pay $454, have two phone lines shut off and NOT switch from the far more expensive family plan to the individual plan

    2. T-Mobile is not generous. They would never allow me to cancel two phone lines for free. Hence the $454 dollars I paid.

    3. They can’t provide evidence of $454 worth of data and usage charges without fabricating them.
    I was with T-Mobile for about 5 years. My records will show I paid my bills on time and faithfully. T-Mobile has already started internal collection steps. I will not pay the fraudulent charges and am looking forward to my day in court when T-Mobile attempts to get a judgment against me.

    Below is a breakdown of the billing as it should be.
    Charges for cancellation for lines xxx-xxx-3325, 3326: $454.92
    April – June phone charges: +$90.00 (approximating $45 for May & $45 for June)
    Total Charges from April to June 2011: $544.92

    Payments made: 4/18/2011 $454.92
    6/13/2011 $90.00
    Total Paid: $544.92

  41. I am pissed at tmobile right now. I have been a customer since its inception in 1997. Their customer service sucks. I know they are cheap but since the report of ATTs acquisition a few months ago, their service just collapsed. I lost my phone,. I am paying for insurance, and they did not inform me of a high deductible when i purchased the warranty and insurance. $130.00 for a HTC touch. If I remember right, my husband got a refurbished phone a few months back when his phone broke down. And now, they want me to pay a hefty deductible for a refurbished phone. i talked tothem again today and they wanted me to decide right away. They will give me a samsung phone for 80$ but I had to renew for another 2 years. No way!! I am sick of talking to them telling me they could not do anything. I just talked to verizon and they might pay for my early termination fee just to get out of my contract. I am three months shy of my two year contract. I am just not happy now. Giving me a run around. So many dropped calls and annoying customer srvice plus a terrible insurance is just not worth it.

  42. I just got off phone with t-mobile. Spent the better part of two hours being told that “number six in any contract with them means they can do whatever the hell they want and they will suffer NO CONSEQUENSES”! I have had a “to go phone” for over eight years. Was told and received for those years very limited web access. As long as I kept account and phone active I would always receive limited web access as part of that contract. Have lost access over the years but it was always reinstated after I called. Today I get the run around. Three different representatives, three different supervisors, and finally, one manager. The first five people lied and refused to even admit that I could’ve ever gotten that kind of service. Finally one supervisor at least told me the truth that I had had that service but as of two months “THEY CHANGED THEIR MINDS” and would no longer be offering that service. I could now get what I got FOR FREE for over eight years and purchase it for just $1.49 a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they f+++++++ nuts?

  43. @T-Mobile Sucks: Do it! I got our state attorney general involved in some recent matters with them. They AT LEAST STOPPED LYING TO ME. I guess that’s all any of us can hope for with this company!

  44. They are beyond dense! Read my wonderful encounter with their Customer Service below:

    You have been connected to ~Tina P.
    chiara c: Hello, I was on chat and got disconnected. I am contacting you again. I went to the Tmobile store and wanted to get a new phone. I have been a customer for 10+ years. I was told I needed to sign a new contract in order to get a phone, I did that. A few days later and numerous phone calls later due to the service setup being done wrong by 4 people, I returned to the store with the phone and returned everything. Everything had been a disaster, the plan I was put on twice was wrong, the internet was not activated, the phone did not work right, etc. I returned everything and the store associate who said my plan would return to what it was. Since my plan was being returned to what it was before I got the new phone I returned, I was not in contract. He confirmed this. Now I get a bill for $200 cancellation and I do not know what the $56.65.
    ~Tina P: Welcome to T-Mobile Chat service, Chiara. My name is Tina and for your reference my rep ID is 13-20340. First, please allow me one moment to review the information you have provided.
    chiara c: You were the one I was just chating with, right?
    ~Tina P: Yes.
    ~Tina P: Of the $282.94 that you have been charged on the final bill, the remaining amount is the cost of your service for the last month. Although the service was canceled on 8/25/2011 you were charged for the full month of service between 8/14 and 9/13.
    chiara c: why?
    ~Tina P: It is outlined in the terms and conditions of service that if you cancel the service in the middle of the billing period by moving the number to another service provider, that we do charge you for the full month of service.
    chiara c: ok, I could see the month of final service, but why the $200? that is not right. I was without contract for years, and I returned the phone 3-4 days after signing the new contract and was told because I was returning everything and not getting a new phone that I could go back to my plan and there would be no extension to my contract
    chiara c: they cannot tell you one thing and then do another
    ~Tina P: As you were under contract until 8/22/2013, you ended the service while under contract.
    ~Tina P: It is also listed in the terms and conditions of service that you are subject to an early termination fee based on the amount of time remaining in the contract term.
    chiara c: I would not have taken my number to another carrier if I was not told my plan was going back to the previous set up. They did that because of the disaster they created when I got the new phone. I spent hours dealing with it, that is why I returned everything
    chiara c: Again, I was told since I had signed the contract 3 days earlier that it was undone
    chiara c: I only had the phone for 3 days, that is why they undid it
    chiara c: because I was without contract for years, signed it, three days later came back and returned everything
    ~Tina P: Was this discussed with Customer Care and noted in the account?
    chiara c: I was told at the store they were noting it in my account and it would be taken care of. I even said. “So I am back to my old plan and no contract just like I was a few days ago” and I was told yes.
    ~Tina P: Please allow me three to five minutes to review some information.
    chiara c: I was only under the new contract for a few days and returned everything. Because everything was set up incorrectly repeatedly I was told they would “revert me back”
    chiara c: ok
    ~Tina P: Thank you for your patience.
    ~Tina P: I have reviewed the notes on the account. On 8/24/2011, there is a note that does support when you decided to cancel the service. However the notes on the account do not support that you were promised to have the termination fees waived. I do apologize for any inconvenience.
    chiara c: are you looking at the notes from the store?
    ~Tina P: With the last recorded contact on 8/24/2011 you were directed to contact Customer Loyalty. There is no record that you contacted them on 8/24/2011.
    chiara c: when I returned the phone?
    ~Tina P: I am sorry to say there are no records from the store noted in the account.
    chiara c: but that is where I was told about the contract. I dealt with the same three people
    ~Tina P: If the store told you that there would be no fee to cancel the service, I will need to direct you back to that store.\
    chiara c: I am not spending more time dealing with this! that store and customer service screwed up my plan royally and I had to spend hours trying to fix it. That is why I returned everything’
    ~Tina P: I do understand your frustration.
    chiara c: I am not continuing to spend time dealing with this! I am always told a different story! I was a customer for over 10 years and this is what you do?
    chiara c: no, you do not understand because you are volleying me just like the store when my plan was messed up
    ~Tina P: I am sorry that you fee that you are told a different thing with each contact with us
    ~Tina P: Without documentation on the account, we cannot consider removing the charges for the termination fee.
    chiara c: it is simple- you can see when I signed the new contract and when I returned everything. common sense would tell you that it was just a few days and EVERYTHING was returned.
    ~Tina P: I understand what you are saying.
    chiara c: why would i have to go back to the store if you are the one I should deal with? when I called the store they told me to contact you, now you are saying I have to contact the store…
    ~Tina P: However you did cancel the service while under a contract.
    chiara c: you cannot consider or you will nt consider? you WILL NOT consider
    chiara c: the store told me to contact you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~Tina P: We cannot remove the charge for the termination fee.
    ~Tina P: if the store told you that it would be waived, you need to talk to them about it. They did not note the account with this.
    chiara c: so TMobile gets away with gauging people by volleying them from the store to customer service and back and forth an nobody gives you an answer
    ~Tina P: I am sorry that you feel that way.
    chiara c: so I go back an they re-wave it and then I get another bill just like last time??
    chiara c: I a trying to fix this once and for all and the store tells me it officially has to come from you
    ~Tina P: If the store will honor what you say they told you and the fee is removed, you will be sent a revised final bill with the balance owing for the last month of billed service.
    chiara c: so TMobile’s incompetency is on me to go back to the store and have them remember me? that is what you are saying?
    chiara c: do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?
    chiara c: this was in August
    chiara c: it is almost November
    ~Tina P: This is the only way to get assistance with regards to the termination fee.
    chiara c: can you give me an actual realistic solution instead of “I hope they remember you”
    ~Tina P: I regret that I cannot.
    ~Tina P: I apologize for any inconvenience.
    ~Tina P: Are you still there, Chiara?
    chiara c: I am not satisfied with your response and will be seeking other means to expose what your company is doing
    chiara c: this is underhanded and obviously the decade plus of service with you means nothing
    ~Tina P: I am sorry to hear that you feel the need to pursue this.
    ~Tina P: Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat, I am sorry we weren’t able to fully resolve your issue.

  45. T-Mobile keeps putting stranger charges on my phone bill. $9.99 here and there for applications we don’t know or premium services I never subscribed! I call the customer services for assistance. They sounded like helpful – they told me that don’t worry, it will credit back blar blar blar. Then I will see the same charges re-surfaced again without any promoted credit! Hope that AT & T won’t merge with T-Mobile. Otherwise, two big services-less companies will give us, the consumers at no choices!

  46. @Leslie: Not that I’m defending T-Mobile but they’re not putting those charges on. Those are from 3rd party companies. We had that problem for awhile because someone on my lines kept sending messages to those check your horoscope places or put their phone number in a scam website. T-Mobile does blacklist them. The same type of company does something similar with debit cards. Think of it as a free trial type thing.

    The bad news: They’re legal. You(or someone authorized) did agree to the charges. They’re probably hidden deep in some terms of service somewhere that you put your number into or sent a message to a short code. T-Mobile will refund the money. If it wasn’t credited call back and ask nicely. They’re usually very willing but if needed ask for a supervisor nicely. It’s not their money they’re giving you back. They’re doing a charge back to the company that charged you and giving it back to you. Sometimes a rep will not feel like it but it’s still easier to do a chargeback than get a supervisor. Push a little.

    The worse news: T-Mobile will tell you there’s no way to block them. True and not so true. Most reps do not know there’s a way to block them. This is universal with all cell carriers. I’m not sure ATT and Verizon even have a way yet. They didn’t a few years ago when I had this problem.

    The good news. Add block content download for families. It blocks the short codes(all of them) but will make your problem go away until you can find out who’s doing it.

  47. T-Mobile is a terrible company. I moved to an area with no T-Mobile coverage. T-Mobile is trying to force me to pay a $300 early termination fee. I would have loved to keep T-Mobile, but there’s no service in my area! Yet, they are still trying to force me to pay for a service THEY CANNOT PROVIDE. What kind of business is this? Four years ago I had AT&T and moved to an area without coverage. AT&T’s response? “We’re sorry to lose you as a customer, but there’s no early termination fee as clearly we cannot provide you service.” Now THAT’S a good company. And THAT is why I went back to AT&T a few years later. T-Mobile does not care about its customers.

  48. im getting charged $67 this month for roaming the web on my cell phone using my own home WiFi!! what kind of bullshit is this…what can i do? i called them they said they can’t do anything but put a block…i still have to pay I’m now writing a letter..T-mobile is AWFUL

  49. I went ahead and paid for a partial upgrade my t-mobile plan. Man, T-mobile rates are almost neck-to-neck with At&t. Needless to say I got the 2 GB plan. The manager the person who sold me the phone, failed to tell me about the return restock fees. Long story short , I returned the phone 2 days later and now I am being charged 50.00 for a restocking fee. The restocking fee guild-lines for T-mobile of Simi valley , Ca, just says that a customer may be charged a restocking fee. May is the key word and it doesn’t provide further details on it being a 50.00 charge. I paid 363.00 Now I am getting a check from T-mobile for the amount of 210.00. Also, I checked my account today and I was surprised to find out that I am being charged an overage data fee. I am being charged about 24.00 for 12 mb of data. The old and now current plan involves no data at all. Does anybody know how overage data plan works?? can I file a legitimate complaint with BBB?? T-mobile is plain evil!!!! I am going to go virginmobile. Unlimited everything for 55.00. I also hopes T-mobile perishes they are cruel to all consumers. Bad business practices.

  50. I’ve talked to 4 T-mobile reps and each time I get a different story that the original one I spoke with on December 24th. T-mobile is not the competive customer oriented service that I had been accustomed to for the past 11 years. I trusted them enough to ask for a new service and phone and when I received the phone, I was told that in order to use the unlimited data, talk, and text features I would be charged extra. Now it’s 2 days later and I want to just walk away from tmobile, I’m being told that I would be charged a 200 fee to rid myself of these obvious crooks. I’ll stick with them for these two years but after that, tmobile will be history.

  51. Tmobile sucks big time!!! Get away from it!! They charge you things out of nowhere and they dont explain where those charges come from!! Try arguing with them and you would just end up with a massive headache and lots of disappointments!!! ——-> ADVICE: IF YOU WANT A PHONE GET ONE WITHOUT CONTRACT THAT WAY YOU WOULD NOT BE TRAPPED BY ALL THEIR BULSHIT

  52. GET THE HECK OUT OF TMOBILE!!! Last bill was $255 and now this bill is $756 -FAMILY PLAN My plan is of 79.99 a month for only 1500 minutes and on top of that they charge you an extra $20 for unlimited texts. IM CANCELLING AND I WOULD SUGGEST YOU DO TOO. TWO YEARS WITH TMOBILE IS HELL

  53. when I renewed my 4 phones, I was told each phone had $20 rebate. But yersterday when I received the phones, I found only $10 for each. I called them and was told I dont have another options. Otherwise I can return the phones but got to pay shipping on my own. I said it s not my mistake. it s unfair. why they treat a good customer like that. ( I have 5 lines with them for many yrs,and I paid bills on time everytime) The woman said NO, U R NOT A GOOD CUSTOMER!! I was shocked! How can a representative say that to a customer?! Actually tmobile’s customer serviece sucks. And answers from the Rep.s never the same. If they dnt make the any changes to improve service they will find themselves with fewer customers (and eventually,out of business)

  54. I also Hate tmobile I have a htc hd7 within 2 weeks of having it my internet would not work and over all it just sucked. i called in and they said they would send me a replacement hd7 so i figured that would be ok now i have this 1 with a memory card error and i was on the phone with them for around 2 hours today. The lady stated that I would need to get the hd7 replaced for the 3rd time before the would let me get another phone which by the way would be less value she said. I have never seen any service like this i literelly fucking hate them and hope they go out of buisness I am personally telling anyone that asks about a phone service to never go with tmobile

  55. T mobile is horrible. The customer support sucks. I bought a G slate tablet computer in Dec2011. In order to get the rebate I am running from post to pillar with no success. They don’t provide a rebate form after asking several times, now they told me too late to get a refund. Once my contract is over I am done with T mobile and never go back. I was with them since last 6 years.

  56. I was employed by t-mobile, had the same issue, Bought a new device at full cost, didn’t work, so I asked T-mobile to replace it, they said because I opened it they would not return and send new (employee rule, not the same for customers).
    I refused because I had paid $500 full cost for a New phone.
    SO I sold my phone on ebay because it didn’t function properly, took a loss of about $200, and bought another Brand new one so I would have a New device.
    Then T-mobile fires me, saying even though I bout the phone full price, I had no right to sell it.

    I f’n hate that comapny.

  57. I knew right away that I had made a mistake when I went with tmobile. I had trouble with my phone, had it replaced 2 times. Customer service was horrible, I could never understand who I was talking to. When I decided to leave them after only 2 yrs, I clld asked when my contract was up and asked if i could leave them and not owe any more money.. I was told yes! I cancelled on 3/24 went with another company and today 4/16 I get a bill for 175.00 for a month of service i did not use.. they told me it was in the terms and conditons.. Wow! in fine print.. My montly amount before was 152.00 now I owe 178.00 “::?????? how can that be? Tmobile ‘SUCKS’ !!!

  58. Warning. If you are going overseas from the UK you might like to think about de-activating your international roaming with T-Mobile. We took a holiday over in Turkey and ended up having £500 deducted from our account by direct debit for call charges that were supposed to have been on a local sim dual sim mobile phone. Apparently the hand set they supplied allowed international roaming on the T Mobile sim but would only accept a T Mobile sim card. We phoned customer service and were kept on the phone for ages. We were told they would look into the bill and re-calculate it and get back to us. One week later guess what – no news. We phoned them for them to casually tell us that they had decided the bill was valid. I have cancelled our direct debit with this awful company and will not renew or ever use them again for business or private use. The call charges are pure extortion and well above normal European call charge rates. You will get a much better minute for minute deal with 02. Daylight Robbery. Avoid like the plague.

  59. Pretty portion of content. I simply stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to say that I acquire actually loved account your weblog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feeds and even I fulfillment you get right of entry to constantly rapidly.

  60. To Whom It May Concern,

    It’s been over 3 months and T-Mobile is trying to hold me to a contract that they did not hold up to their end of the bargain. I was trying to cancel my account when the girl in the cancelation department offered me a deal I could not refuse. I was offered four Galaxy S3s for $200.00 each and a family plan that would not exceed $175.00 a month for a family of 4. Since we have tried to work out the contract, T-Mobile has offered the same phones for free. My phone was scheduled to ship in two weeks.
    The phone never arrived and I did not get a call from anyone at T-Mobile, so I called and was told the phones were on back order. So I asked that my account be cancelled and was told I could not cancel through the cancellation department and was told that I needed to contact another group that was not part of T-Mobile, but handled disputes. The person I spoke to stated that they were not part of T-Mobile, but I later found out that they indeed worked for T-Mobile. I have asked 4 or 5 times for a manger and have gotten another associate pretending to be a manager. Not only did I get the fake manager, but the person on the phone never got me in touch with anyone that would cancel my account.
    Every time that I would ask for a manager, I would be told that there is no one available at the time and that I will have one contact me in 48 hours, but this too is “smoke and mirrors”; for I have never received that call. The last time I asked to cancel the contract, I was told that even if T-Mobile did not render it’s end of the contract, that I would have to pay a cancellation fee for all 4 phones that I did not receive. On top of that, they have been charging me for 1 of my phones for the last 8 months knowing that the phone did not exist and was reported stolen. Surely, they would be able to see that there has not been a minute used on this phone line in 8 months. I am truly upset with the way T-Mobile has handled this situation. It has put a “bad taste in my mouth” and I would like to leave this company forever, but they are holding me to a contract that was never fulfilled by T-Mobile itself.

    Kelvin J.

  61. T-Mobile is a nightmare!!! They should be shut down. How can a company that horrible in customer service even be allow to exist???? I really like how they deal with people-they just hang up on you and then every month your bill is higher and you did nothing different, I have unlimited every thing. Oh and I don’t want to forget to mention that most the time I can’t get anyone that speaks English. How do we allow such B.S to go on-where are our rights??? Who the F_ _ _ regulates these companies? WOW-WOW

  62. Ito boueght a HTC One S. I had it 5 days.It had no users manual. T mobile said go online. All they had online was a camera video about 3 minutes long. No other instruction. I took it back at day 5. Trying to figure out how to delete “Apps”, Was instead accepting “Apps”. I payed 83$ up front to cancel my contract. Thinking all was good, a week later I started getting billed by T mobile Co. another 75$. 158$ for 5 lousy days of service. Tmobile is about high powered advertising and making money any way they can!

  63. They are naturally stealing money! I have switched to Verizon for better reception and canceled my family plan almost a year ago. But T-Mobile continued to charge me for 6 (SIX) month after that. I have called them 4 (FOUR) times. They were doing cancellation with me on the phone EACH time, reassuring that everything is great now. But they have continued to charge my card after that month after month. After the 4th call they have refunded part of my money. But in the form of an AMEX credit card, which is not working in the places I’m shopping! And yes, they DID charge me for the canceled and refunded service a month later AGAIN! AVOID this robbers!

  64. Anyone wanting TMOBILE is St Louis will HATE IT….. Also anyone wanting TMOBILE coverage in Lake of the Ozarks – THERE is NONE. They are horrible for dropped calls……. completely horrible. When I keep sending them info for their horrible service – their answer is – and this is a direct quote:

    “In regards to the offer you made for us to terminate your lines without penalty, we will not be doing that as we do not guarantee coverage in all locations based on the contract that you agreed to.”

  65. Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?

    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content.

    Please let me know. Cheers

  66. This company is just like the government, Tells you what you want to hear not what the truth is.
    Your payments will be lower! ($20.00 higher)
    Customer service sucks. (Different answers all the time)
    Very spotty coverage. (Our map shows you have good coverage at that spot)
    They get very upset when you tell them you’ve recorded the calls.
    They told me my contract was started over when I asked for my discount from my employer.
    All my recordings will be posted soon so others will know the T-Mobil before they get sucked in.
    Had some how put a discount on my account for Hooters. My employer give me an discount and when I asked for it they said I had told them I had put one on when I started. I had to prove I was employed to get the discount so just how did I put hooters on but they blame me for it being on there.

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