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Need For Speed – GSen Enabled NOW!

You may have heard that Need For Speed Undercover was going to be released with the gsensor enabled now that HTC and EA are working together. Well what if you lack patience and don’t want to wait for a release but you want it to work…today? Ok easy enough.

Step 1: Buy Need For Speed Undercover ($7)

Step 2: Install GPad (a freeware app I discussed yesterday)

Step 3: Modify the configuration file in GPad

Step 4: Start Gpad

Step 5: Start Need for Speed and commence smiling

The controls work as expected with left/right tilting leading to left/right movement and a tilt up or down leads to acceleration/boost or reverse. Just like the dpad it will not recognize both up and left at the same time so if you are holding it up and left it will read it as up (it takes about one board of the game to get use to the sweet spots). It takes very little time to get good at this and it makes the game a lot more fun (or usable depending on your view).

This also shows how easy it is to add games to the GPad configuration and make them gsen enabled. Simply copy the lines I noted here in the configuration file and change the *.exe to the one for the game you want to play and that’s it. The beauty is that we no longer need to wait for the developer’s to provide gsen games since most games can be gsen enabled with this method. So stop reading – time to play:)

By the way, for the best gaming performance make sure you upgrade to the new 3D drivers.