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T-Mobile’s Touch Pro II Promotion: Needs, meet Solutions

T-Mobile Fans rejoice because July will only get hotter for you with the release of the Dash and the Touch Pro II. The Dash 3G, first out of the block and looking to land July 1st will prepare the way for what T-Mobile hopes will be the knockout punch in the Wing II, or what we all have been touting about, the HTC Touch Pro II. With their Summer time Windows Mobile lineup complete, T-Mobile only needed a catchy promotion to go along with the release of the Dash and Touch Pro II. And as you can see below, they have already come up with it. “Needs, meet Solutions will be all the buzz this July coming from the T-Mobile camp as they try to make an impact with these two devices. Check out the ad:


For us here in the United States, July can’t come quick enough!

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