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Updated Tmobile TP2 Specs?

About three weeks ago I reported that we had some leaked Tmobile TP2 specification sheets (here) but now it seems that the device might have had an upgrade according to new specifications that Tmonews has come across. Overall, I think everyone will be happy with the new specifications if they are true since the new specifications include an increased battery life of 8hrs talk time and 2 weeks of standby time compared to the original 5.5 hours talk time and 8.3 days standby . The device also does seem to have gotten a little bigger to 4.59″ (L) x 2.36″ (W) x 0.68″ (T) compared to the original specification which sheet showed the device being 4.19″ x 2.36″ x 0.67″ however, I would not mind the the slight increase in size to have such a huge increase in battery life. It also shows that the device has 288 MB RAM, 3.6 inch screen and autofocus camera.

[Via Tmonews]