Please someone give me a single reason why you fools all want to degrade your already crappy camera phone picture quality with unnecessary filters and color effects. How did this become a thing? What need or want did this fill? Why is some shitty app such a big deal? This isn’t so much a post or a rant, but a serious although antagonistic question to gain an understanding of the lesser minds of the smartphone universe. I know this may be a difficult request for all you instagrammers out there to formulate complete sentences and actually explain the thought process you clearly didn’t have to arrive at your photo butchery, but for my sake and my ability to actually figure out what I am clearly missing, do try.


  1. Matt, basically, Instagram would help them replace a profound sense of indignation with a sort of ecosystem validation, if you will, my brother from another mother.

  2. “OMG it’s not just filtered pics, it’s a social app!”
    Or whatever people claim.

    Dude, I’ve been wondering how the hell something that is literally a watered down facebook can gain so much popularity too.

    • That’s the point you guys don’t get. Yes, it’s a watered down Facebook! But Facebook has how many hundreds of millions of users? So an app that has even half that is a huge deal! At this point it doesn’t matter whether you use it or not. Just have the option is not acceptable to plenty of people.

  3. @Benny – So I guess my request for complete sentences should have also included coherent ones as well. Having a lot of people use a product does not explain the need or want this thing fills. So I continue to wait, not holding my breath, for one of you people to fill me in on this useless mass of code.

  4. And that is why WP8 will most likely never be on par with the likes of IOS or Droid. Matt the need and want is very simple (You sound like the stereotypical IT guy). Most people that own smartphones need and want to socialize on their phones in a cool way and instagram does this for them. Just like IM was the cool thing when the internet came into it’s own (Ask AOL).

    Instagram will pass into the next phase, an lets hope WP catches on faster so my son doesn’t have to carry around his Lumia 920 and also his Ipod so he can play all the cool games. Lack of the popular apps is what IMHO is keeping WP from being as popular as it should. It’s definitely the superior operating system

    • See, that’s where you are incredibly wrong. So many people have decided to do the typical internet lemming thing where they see/hear/read one person blame MS and that becomes the internet forum gospel.
      MS hears you. Nokia hears you… Instagram is ignoring you. People have decided to follow instagram no matter what, and in turn they are in effect telling you, “go f*ck yourself.”
      and what does that make the lemmings do? Yup, log on and blame MS.

      I mean Nokia put out that “2instawithlove” app JUST to make instagram take note, to basically say “We get it, now let them hear your issues”. And up to this point instagram is still tell you to “gof*ck yourself”.

  5. @Dom – Well your grammar is at least as classy as your name, sir. Not that I’m much of a champagne person, but I recognize a man of character when I see one. While your reasoning is not totally devoid of thought I still don’t see how this instagram business fills a unique and “cool” way to socialize. From what I understand it just adds another step in the process of posting pictures to Facebook. You know Facebook right? That cool and interesting way that most people want and need to socialize on their smartphones. Maybe I should make an app that changes the color of text posts on Facebook before its posted and call it instatext. Maybe instastupid… Too specific. Dont want to call out my target audience directly in the app name. Maybe I should call it a big fat waste of time and just go drink until I forget this app and these weak attempts at justifying said apps existence. Go take a hazy picture of yourselves being beaten with a rabid badger on the end of a stick.

  6. Hmm, I use one of a half dozen apps built into my photo hub to enhance photos before uploading to Facebook. And what’s Instagram?

  7. @Mat Sometimes the simplest songs are the ones that become a hit. The professional critics tear it apart. They say that there is no reason to even call it music. But it’s a simple catchy tune that catches and draws in the fans and goes on to become a platinum album. And a lot of smart people love and listen to the song just because they “LIKE” it.

    It’s the same thing as instagram . It may not be the perfectly coded app or the most graphically appealing app, but people use and work with it every second because it is so simple and easy to use (remember the KISS principle ). Although I don’t really use any of the social type apps (twitter, facebook, instagram….etc). I know a lot of very smart people that do ( Engineers, Doctors, Teachers ). It’s a Just Because thing LOL. Yes go get a drink, I’ll have one too thanks, and let the world be happy with their instagrams and facebooks.

    • As far as I’m concerned it should hurry up and come to MS just so I can see if what I think is going to happen next actually happens.

      It won’t make a difference. People will keep crying, and complaining. They will cry their way over the instagram hump just to start another tear-war about something else.

      Either another shitty app (Rocklive, anyone?) or that whole “notification center” thing or whatever.

  8. Matt, in may humble opinion, Facebook isn’t the great. I tried it 6 years ago, never been back. My girlfriend on the other hand is on there constantly. Because of her, I’m aware of all the new features. Still zero interest to me. To your original question: There isn’t one. Most people I know don’t use the filters at all. They upload pics as is. I seen my brother upload hundreds as is. Hell, I took some of the pictures. I’ve used filter apps on WP and 99% of the time they suck to me. Just as crappy as Instagram. Gangnam Style is the biggest song in Youtube History. I admit doing the dance a few times, but it wasn’t the best song I heard in any given week.

    • Was that a question, and if it was what would be the point of said video. Im not sure I know the stance of the wildly chic and cutting edge fashion blogger, Mr. Trotman. A man whose stylish sensibilities definitely make me look like I’m from north Carolina. I just want to clarify that I am not a redneck, do not hunt, have never and will never wear camouflage, and have never once had interest in marrying a cousin despite its odd legality.

  9. It’s not that Instagram is an amazing app with features that can’t be (or aren’t already) reproduced elsewhere. It’s not that it has the largest user base ever.

    It’s that it does one thing well. And the people who “can’t live without it” are those with friends who use it almost exclusively. (And why do those friends use it almost exclusively? Because they’re friends with people who use it almost exclusively.)

    Because it does its job (mess up pictures with crappy hipster filters, then post them some place–not necessarily Facebook) easily, it got people used to using it. Then it built its following. Some of those folks would be fine with switching to another service or app, but some wouldn’t. But at this point, that resistance to change has less to do with functionality or even habits. It has to do with who is already using it.

    Telling them to switch to another app is like a parent telling a teenager that he/she can’t go to a certain party, but that “It’s no big deal, because there’s more to do at the family reunion. Why would you want to go hang out in the woods with those other kids when you could jump in a bouncy castle with us?”

    • Sorry about the disjointed remarks. I was continually interrupted while I tried to write it, and then had to submit the comment before I had a chance to look it over carefully.

    • Holy freaking awesome crap!!! You have bouncy castles at your reunions?!?! Fuck that woods party and the chiggers all over my crotch from passing out in the dirt. Adopt me!

      So the argument that still persists is people use it because people use it? And people use it to post to Facebook? Why do you need an app to interact with people on Facebook? Do other operating systems not have a way to post pictures directly to Facebook without need of an app? I kinda thought that was the whole windows phone mantra. Why do you need to download an app when you have barcode readers, music id, maps, Facebook, twitter, local scout, built in instant message, etc…
      Lastly, I was never all about Facebook either. I hate the online interface and the only reason I can deal with it is because of my windows phone. It strips out all the bullshit and just gives me updates on my friends and family sans all the fucking Farmville. The manner in which Facebook is presented via winpho makes it bearable and dare I say useable instead of that ad infested garbage that these shit hucking head lice eating instagramers are using. In fact you know what? I hope instagram never comes to windows phone. I dont care if it holds back my mobile operating system if it reduces the number of idiots i have to remove from my friends list due to my new found lack of respect for their mental capacities. That’s my new game plan. Im not going to boycott instagram because that doesn’t do me any good. Im going to boycott the fucking idiots who do use it, since everyone here claims that its not the apps fault that people use it, but hipster, douche bag, losers who barely qualify as people after they’ve somehow clawed their way from the primordial ooze of their mother’s monkey semen dumpster.

      • They’re not using it to post to Facebook. Facebook is too “old” now. Haven’t you heard? All the cool kids are just using Instagram. That way their parents aren’t tracking all their exchanges with their friends. And if these teens don’t have Instagram on their phone, then they’ll miss whatever inanity their fellow hormone-hopped crowd-following friends are posting (right when it’s posted). Wait until they get home to look it up on their laptop? Puh-leeze! Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! Don’t you know the social newscycle in high school is measured in minutes?

        So yeah, it comes down to peer pressure and a desire to be different (in exactly the same way that everyone else is being different).

  10. My kids use it exclusively as their social app and do not cross post pictures to Twitter and Facebook. I use it sometimes when the picture quality and cropping the image doesn’t matter. Instagram for that matter is terrible at taking a photo and editing it.

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