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New Spam, beware, they just want to hijack your Outlook Account

Readers just beware new spam that just looks like your account has been deactivated and in order to activate it again they ask you click on a link which looks it came from If you look there first of all that links says, which is actually or URL that will list your emails after you login into. There are two issues with that link, first of all if you notice the page is restoreaccount.jsp, which is a Java Server Page, and I don’t think Microsoft uses Java. Even if they use, just type that URL (don’t click), it loads a page that is nothing but HTTP 404: File or Directory not found. Ok, if you dared and clicked on that link it redirects you to and the page just looks like Hotmail login screen. There if you enter without thinking for a second and enter your account name and password, they have it and will spam you. Ok, if you go to, it takes you to a page where you see AstraZeneca logo and a registration page.

If you look at WHOIS database of this domain, you will notice that it is registered to PING Healthcare Pte Ltd., Singapore registered through, you could read the complete registration page here: