In Temple Run: Brave, you play Merida, heroine of the Disney/Pixar movie, as she races, slides, jumps, turns and shoots across Scotland’s backcountry wilds—all in gorgeous visuals inspired by the film. This fun iteration of Imangi Studios’ original Temple Run also introduces archery: just tap a target to aim and fire, and earn extra coins with every bulls-eye. And if you can outrun Mordu, the demon bear, you’ll earn running glory. Get to running and don’t look back! You can pick up the game here. Price: $0.99

This release continues the impressive app and gaming surge that is rapidly improving the Windows Phone ecosystem and quieting any whispers that developers have stopped supporting the platform. Momentum just keeps building and supporting titles like these is key to keeping it going.

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Source: Windows Phone Blog


  1. If you have the nokia 520 / 521 this game will not work cause the phone must have 1gb ram to work.

    Nokia 520 / 521 only has 512mb ram.

  2. That 1gb ram requirement blows. For an endless runner it shouldn’t require that many resources to run smoothly. Nokia will probably step in and help the developers rework it to optimize the game.

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