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Full House Poker With Avatar Support–Next Weeks WP7 Xbox Live Game

We were reminded (and it’s confirmed) that the Xbox  Live Windows Phone game for next week is Full House Poker. It will also be available the same day (March 16) for Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Point. Here are the details and a video of it in action:

Full House Poker” for Windows Phone 7 will be launching on March 16th for $2.99 in the Games marketplace. The mobile companion to the Xbox 360 title, “Full House Poker” for Windows Phone 7 let’s you build your bank roll and experience points on the go.

Windows Phone 7 Game Features

· Build your in-game bankroll on the go. Jump in and play a few hands of single-player standard or tournament games on the go. When you get home and play on your Xbox 360 console, your stats and money are automatically waiting for you.

· Single-player Pro Takedowns. Try your hand at Pro Takedowns on your Windows Phone 7.

· In-game rewards, rewards, rewards. Earn experience points with every hand you play and level up, unlocking dozens of customizable tables and card decks including several that are unique to Windows Phone 7. Unlock more than 100 items such as new poker tables, new card decks, player titles and more.

· Be yourself — no matter where you are. “Full House Poker” is the first game on Windows Phone 7 that lets you play as your Xbox LIVE avatar.

· Save your game in progress. Have an incoming call in the middle of a hand? Don’t worry — the game automatically saves your hand when you exit for any reason. Jump back in when you’re ready, and pick up right where you left off.

So you can play the WP7 version as a standalone game but it looks like the best experience is as a companion app for those with a 360.