The Nokia Lumia 2520 is my pick for “must have” tech toy.

Every year there is an intriguing product or two that connects with me and I put it on my wish list until I get it. This year is no different and this year the apple of my eye is the Nokia Lumia 2520.

Everything from the slim design to the Nokia produced apps like StoryTeller and Video Editor makes me want to plop down cold hard cash today fiscally responsible budget be damned. It doesn’t hurt that my daily driver is the Nokia Lumia 1020 so I’d be able to take advantage of the Nokia Share app and share things between my phone and tablet.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is my 2013 holiday must have but what about you. What tech toy has you in a frenzy? Share what has you excited.


  1. Maybe. And isn’t there a cool BT keyboard for it too? Another $150.
    The 1520 is as solid and well performing as expected. The 2520 makes me drool, except I don’t need it. And RT(?) IS a limited OS?
    I find Internet Explorer, buggy? And not as fast as Chrome. But I bought the 1520 for IE. So kinda bummed, but holding out hope.
    The Nexus 5 is my daily driver, and the 1520 is my couch pet till I get a SIM card cutter and adapter in the mail. Book fold Case came today.
    I chose a communications control app, “Murani” recommended it in the comments so I tried it, and am pleased. Got a list of favorite WP8 apps I could use to enhance my WP experience?
    I think I am all set for tech toys. Got my wife a 7″ kindle HDX. Gonna get my oldest kid an LGG2 this weekend maybe.
    What else is there? No really, I need to satiate my lust.
    Oh, car radio type stuff. Not as fun.

  2. Yeah glad you’re enjoying the 1520. There was a sale going on for Black Friday that included the keyboard for free with the 2520. How is the Nexus 5 treating you? I’m hoping to get my hands on one soon.

  3. The Nexus 5 is good, fast! Like the pages are already there. Both OTA or WiFi.
    Chrome crashes, but the tabs are waiting when I reopen.
    I am not a heavy user, getting 3 days battery compared to 1 day on the Dell Streak 5.
    Not happy with Both Android and WP OS lockdown on files and functionality in the name of “security” I am not a corporate user, nor have I ever had an issue in the 10 (?) Years I have been using “SmartPhones/Pocket PC”

    • The battery life sounds amazing. There is something special about using a device that is built to show off Android and get out of the way of the user. I suspect Chrome will get better fast.

  4. Just ordered a 2520 from AT&T on special for $199 (plus the $10/month for Mobile Share Data). I have an Asus VivoTab it’s going to replace. Looking forward to the 4G LTE, but it only comes in black.

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