There already have been some early reviews but the mass blog reviews of the Surface Pro will come tonight at 9 EST.  I’m sidelined (already have an RT and I’m into it – not looking to pay more for a device plus the price of Office when the RT is working for me). Anyone out there waiting on the Surface Pro?


      • What you left out of that article was any mention of how support will impact your experience after purchase. Thats where I am now, with an Asus Vivo Tab Clover Trail tablet that has had no updates released for months to address bugs like this morning’s when I docked the tablet and the keyboard was not detected. If that happened with a Surface Pro I would just go down to a MS store and get it looked at. Have you been following the weak Wifi and underpowered USB port problems of the Lenovo Thinkpad 2? Or the poor trackpad of the Acer W510? Or the keyboard disconnect issues of the Samsung Ativ’s? These devices all look good on paper but when problems come up the nightmare really begins.

        There’s also the performance factor, and while I will undoubtedly feel the decrease in battery life the increased performance will make up for it.

        I personally am tired of buying computer equipment and then being treated like a criminal when trying to get support from these huge corporations and from reports from people with the Surface RT that is not a problem with Microsoft so I would still recommend the Surface Pro over any of those other pieces of junk.

  1. If you do the research and know what your buying, then the Surface Pro can be just the right device for you. I expect the business sector to eat it up.

  2. As I am a novice malware researcher now………

    I will stick with surface rt. The reason is less likely to get infected and still able to do my research needed.

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