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Windows 8 facing the same app-gap issues as Windows Phone

I feel like Microsoft is finally breaking the app gap that has been a problem for Windows Phones. The recent releases are a good sign of where things have been moving. But all of their focus on Windows Phones have left their flagship Windows 8 behind. Where is Instagram for Windows 8? Angry Birds Go! is coming on the 11th for all mobile operating systems but that doesn’t includes Windows 8. This is becoming a trend with the focus on phones and the desktop OS falling behind. It’s hard to sell an ecosystem like this. I tried first hand convincing someone to get a Dell Venue Pro and the app gap between the iPad mini sealed its fate. Real simple: if they want to sell tablets they need to have a competitive ecosystem on both the commercial and consumer fronts. They need to follow their own lead and pay developers to build out the W8 store.