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The Turtle Is Real

Microsoft has long been rumored to be coming out with its own phone and one of the two phones was codenamed “Turtle”. The rumors continued to state that an MS phone would not be released at WMC this week. Well, the FCC just gave a little glimpse at the Turtle so it does indeed seem to be real. Whether we’ll see it next week is still up in the air but it’s likely. This is not like the Nexus though. Microsoft bought Danger a while back so this is really the latest Danger phone and I don’t think we should treat it the same way we would a new Microsoft project. The UI of this phone is not going to be WM7. So here’s the basics. Its a Sharp made device with dual band CDMA (EVDO Rev A), bluetooth and wifi (802.11b) with a 1240mah battery. It has a light sensor and a joystick (noted as Teach Pendant) and a headset jack and USB are noted (so we suspect it’s traditional 3.5mm separate from USB).

Just to give you a sense of size, here’s a picture Gizmodo had of the rumored phone along side the actual FCC filing. That’s a match.

So this is likely not your next phone. It may be your teenagers next phone though so stay tuned.

via Engadget