imageWant to do some research? We’re trying to get a little data to see how broad the Windows Phone alarm bug is. You don’t know about the bug? Well it seems like, at least on some devices, alarms cause the system to lockup and that’s not a good thing when you need the alarm to…well work. It’s been seen on HTC devices that use a recurring alarm while the phone is plugged in and charging (uhm like every morning sorta thing). So, if you’ve used your Windows Phone as an alarm clock (not for calendar appointments which seem immune from this) then share your results. Please note your device, if the alarm was one time or recurring and if the device was plugged in…and of course if you had any issues with it. This will pin point if it’s an OS issue or specific to some devices and hopefully help set some criteria so that you can all wake up on time and not blame your phone.


  1. if i remember correctly, this bug was first discovered with the following conditions: plugged in, reoccuring alarm, alarm was allowed to ring until it quieted itself, then when cancel or dismiss was hit the device locked up.

    just so you guys know kinda what to look for.
    if you want to help try setting alarms and dismissing them and seeing what happens or wait until they silence then dismiss them. we are trying to collect data to pin point the cause of the bug.

    glad this went up on the blog, i cant wait to see if any other members/readers have the same issues

  2. On my HTC Surround, this has happened twice. Both times my device was plugged in to the AC charger. The first time it was already fully charged (overnight-green light on) and the second time I was giving it a booster shot, so it was charging. I have a recurring alarm set to go off at 10:00am each morning to remined me to….what else, Check my Tasks (where is that Live Tile I ordered).

    On Sunday morning, I heard the alarm start to go off, but it sounded like it petered out so I went to check on it. I tapped cancel (or dismiss-whatever it says) and the dialog box dissappeared, but left a black spot sitting on top of the Start Screen. The device was definitely frozen. After 30 seconds of no response, I powered down and then back up. The second time, Tuesday morning, I had already been using the device, but plugged it in for a booster charge. The alarm went off and while it was ringing I tapped cancel/dismiss, the dialog went black and the device froze again. It worked fine o Monday and Wednesday morning. I believe I set the alarm on Saturday, so if history repeats itself, it should fail Thursday morning. If so, then I have developed a pattern. Have not had any other reason to power the device off/on since the middle of last week, so maybe its something that builds up over 48 hours. I don’t know…yet.

    So, as DavidK said, do your small part to help out the community and set a recurring alarm on your device for a week, preferably when you expect it to be under charge (not required but helpful for understanding) and report back with the results. Make sure you include; device type, on AC or battery, did you snooze yes/no, and any problems after cancel/dismiss. For a fair test you really need to set it once a day at the same time. If you have other alarms set and they are all working, be sure to report back with that info also.

  3. HTC Surround here and never had an issue with recurring Alarm; charging or not. I read somewhere someone was concerned because the Alarm volume starts low and raises as the alarm goes unanswered. I think they were returning it for that issue, to me that’s a nice feature.

    Let me know if you want me to try something specific.

  4. I have had that problem with the HTC HD7, my phone locked up while charging on a non re-occuring alarm and made me miss a lecture. It has happened a few times before as well, it is very disturbing as a lot of people use their phones as alarms and it seems like it is quite a basic function to be messed up..

  5. With the Samsung Focus, no problems at all. Have a daily alarm set and phone has never misbehaved. It is on AC power every night and at 6 am when the alarm goes off.

  6. HTC Surround here. I’ve been using the alarm since day 2 (old alarm clock had died anyway) and have had no problems. It’s on the charger every time, recurring alarm and I hut ‘dismiss’ and just get up. I’ll try to remember to let it go tomorrow and see what happens.

  7. I have been noticing a slightly different issue with my Samsung Focus. Sometimes when I go to change the settings on a recurring alarm it will simply disappear. Not a huge problem since its pretty obvious it has disappeared, but still odd and doesn’t do a ton to inspire confidence in the alarm.

  8. Interesting Paul. So now we have two confirmed cases (you and me) of HTC devices locking up during an alarm event and while on charge. That’s a good start. I know of at least one other HD7 locking event, but need to confirm charge status at the time.

  9. Samsung Focus here, no prblems with lockups, but my alarm sounds sometimes sutter every other time the sound repeats…

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  11. HTC Mozart: When I wake up (always late since I use the wp7 alarm) the phones only vibrating. Don’t know if it even rang at any time. After the alarm occured the phone behaves unnormal. Zune is unusable (crashes), no sound etc. Shutdown takes very long and happens without the “Goodbye” screen, just turns black.

  12. Samsung Focus… Had it for a day, returned it because I set a non recurring alarm, placed the phone on my nightstand, unplugged. In the AM the phone had locked up requiring removal of the battery to reset. No problems thus far with my replacement LG Quantum.

  13. I let the alarm run out before I dismissed it this morning. No problems here.

    Maybe related, maybe not. I found yesterday morning that I couldn’t get into the Marketplace or into the Zune hubs. After a little poking, I figured that it was keeping too many things in memory. I figured a soft-reset would be a long press on the power button and I was right. I let it reset, tried the Marketplace again and got in no problem. Could a full memory be affecting the alarms as well? Has anyone tried a soft reset?

  14. HTC surround here, ive had the phone freeze on me only once. the phone was plugged into power when i went to bed, thankfully i woke up about an hour before my alarm was set and i went to check my phone, the green light was still on saying fully charged but nothing would light up when i took it off the charger, press the top button, nothing, green light was still on even though the charger wasnt plugged in anymore. i had to do a batterypull to restart the phone and then everything was back to normal. but i use a recurring alarm everyday and its never malfunctioned while the alarm was going off, it was well before the alarm went off.

  15. Interesting comments all. Thanks for sharing. The Focus comment is significant as the first report from a non-HTC device. And also unplugged.

    Had a freeze this morning. Alarm was set for 8am, and if it did ring I didn’t hear it. Went to check on the phone at about 8:45 and everything looked normal. I unplugged the phone from the charger and tapped the Dismiss button and the lock screen was displaying properly so I flicked up and the lock screen moved, although a bit slowly, but then got stuck about a 1/2″ from the top of the screen. The screen was frozen. Held the power button down for a good 4-5 seconds with no response. So I plugged the phone back into the charger (learned this trick the other day) for 30 seconds and then unplugged again. Pressed the power button and after a few seconds the screen went black. Waited 30 seconds and powered back and all is well.

    Trying to retrace my steps from the past two days. I was plugged into to Zune on Wednesday night (playing with USB access to files) and yesterday (playing with WiFi file transfer) when I turned on PC Connector to see if any of the files I transferred to my device were visible. Is anyone with the Alarm problem also using PC Connector? Just a long shot but figured I would ask.

    @MartiM – I believe you are on to something (that was one of my first thoughts) because the problem does not seem to happen every day, but after a couple days of buildup. Going to make sure I Zune sync today and also open PC Connector to try and force a freeze tomorrow. If no freeze I will move my alarm to later in the day to be sure Iam no longer plugged in so as to eliminate that myth (has to do with charging). BTW, when I got the phone working this morning I was down to about 90%, so I think charging stopped when the alarm/freeze occured at 8am.

    So now do I need an app to soft reset my phone every night to avoid this issue. The more things change the more they stay the same. Oh well.

  16. Interesting sm0k3ydaband1t. So maybe the alarm issue (non-issue) is just the thing that breaks the camels back after the cache has gotten constipated. In your case it might have been an overnight mail sync or something else that overflowed and cause you to lock up. If it happens again, try the “plug back into charger for 20-30 seconds” trick. Then unplug and see if you can power down without removing the battery. That worked for me twice. I have a shell on my device and don’t want to pop it off to get to the battery. WHERE IS THAT DAMN SOFT RESET BUTTON ANYWAY.

  17. BTW MartiM, aside from my three alarm related freezes, I have only soft reset my phone two other times since launch day. Once to try to convince an app to update (kept saying update available but would not load-problem on the app side) so no performance issues there and another time while I was in Marketplace and everything got real laggy.Reset cured that problem.

    So the question may be, regardless of device. How long can you go between soft resets (power off/on)? Five resets in 10 days is not bad (for a former WinMo user) but not good either.

  18. @jimski

    I’m charging my phone via PC connection, so it is connected to Zune at least once a day, I already had that in mind too. Should try loading from the wall once, maybe the Zune connection ruins my alarm / phone whatever.

  19. just for the record i have not plugged my phone into a computer yet. i will definately try the unplug, plug back in trick if it happens again. its putting me a little on edge to hear about all your resets jimski. like i said ive only had to do the one reset and ive had my phone since launch day. ive been happy overall, i play with an iphone at work alot and i dont know why everyone says they “just work” because that thing has more problems than a crack addict. i hope that your phones the exception to the bunch and not mine because other than the one hiccup this thing has been flawless. maybe you should do a 30 day exchange on your phone, tell them its defective and then see if the problems continue on the new device. its alot of work but your phone seems to be doing this more than others. just an idea

  20. Actually I have had three of the freezes because I am trying to figure out why it froze the first time. If I avoided the alarm somewhat, there would be no issue. Quick story from my old packaging mechanic days (before solid state electronics). If I had a machine with a dozen solenoid valves and one of them was popping the 10 amp control fuze, I cut a piece of 3/8″ copper tubing, pushed it into the fuze socket, powered up and looked for smoke, literally. Problem solved in less than 5 minutes. No test set required. If you can force a problem to occur it saves a lot of troubleshooting time. The waiting for it to happen part sucks.

    For one other reset, I am playing with an app called Smart Shopper, and for two days it said that there was an available update but everytime I tried updating the download timed out. Not a Marketplace issue, as I have updated at least a dozen other apps, a Smart Shopper problem. So I uninstalled the app and did a soft reset to try and clear it from memory and then tried reinstalling, but it still timed out. Left a not so nice comment in my review and the problem was resolved the next day. They have pushed out four or five updates since the first one (its getting better) so no new complaints.

    The only other reset was because Marketplace seemed to be really laggy. It was simply a reaction from my old WinMo days. When in doubt, reset. It was probably my 3G connection (I only get 2, sometimes 3 bars in the house) or the Marketplace site.

    So aside from a definite (probably) problem regarding alarms the phone has been great. HTC and/or Microsoft probably already know about the problem, but will never ever admit there is or ever was one. If we can pin it down to a specific set of cirmstances Mobility Digest should be first out of the gate to break the story and spoil the coverup.

  21. HTC Mozart (uk) – freezes when recurring alarm sounds and allowed to self quiet, when not plugged in. Does it everytime. Sometimes locks on dismiss screen, otherwise locks when dismissed. Come on MS, push put a fix, this os embarrassing!

  22. @daniel: Think I have a fix for this (no freezes in 7 days of testing) but waiting for Monday to report the results. If you want to get a head start on my hunch, PM me in the forums and I will give you something simple to try.

  23. Same here!

    SAMSUNG OMNIA 7 at some time completely locks up.
    I can see the idle-screen, and recognize that the clock stopped working (time hangs as well)

    only thing the device recognizes at this point is a power cycle by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds.

    The device seems to reboot by itself after like 15-30 minuts and all the alarms start ringing at once.

    since this also happens on HTC devices, i guess it’s a software issue of some kind…

  24. I have a problem with my alarm on my w7 mozard. However it doesnt seem to happen because its on charge. My alarm doesn’t make any sound but the option does come up to dismiss or snooze. Not only this but the fact that the sound doesnt work on my alarm causes the sound not to work on my ringtones and texts,. Later on , however, 3 hours after the alarm shoudl have made annoyed all 3 alarms which i had set went off simultaeous and then the sound for the ringtones and exts also worked. Does anyone else have a similar problem or know why this happens?

  25. htc mozart, from day 1 reoccuring, multiple set, single set and nonreoccuring all caused freeze issue. happened on 5 days out of 6, on day did.nt happen when dismiss was hit then froze. today is day 6. (really happy with phone!)
    glad to know lot’s others experiencing this issue, was just bout to send this phone back as well as 1st mozart that had soft ware issues.

  26. just wanted to “chime” in, i have used a Focus for about a week and i just experienced the No Sound issue. i didn’t hear the alarm this morning and it was waiting to snooze or dismiss. after dismissing it there was no sound but otherwise seemed okay, normal after a soft reset.

    not sure if this is normal but the alarm sound is noticeably softer than it should be. For example when I play the sound in Alarm edit screen it is loud as expected according to the system volume level, but during an actual alarm it is much softer. I would say half the system volume level.

  27. @levin808: one thing to note is that the alarm intentionaly (by default and you can’t change it) is supposed to start low and get louder. Not sure if that is part of what you experience.

  28. @levin808: So there might (only a might) be a freeze issue with some Samsung devices, as “cwem” notes above, probably under certain conditions. There are two other reports of Focus’s freezing as a result of alarms but the exact conditions could not be verified (on/off charge – recent reset). Thinking that maybe because memory has a different structure on Samsung devices the problem may be less frequent, but may still exist.

    But your comments regarding the sound cutting out is interesting. That’s the first time someone other than me has verified that condition, especially on a non-HTC device. As DavidK notes, the alarm is supposed to start out softer and then progressivly increase in volume. When charging, I counted 27 repeat alarm events before it gives up. The first 5 or 6 get progressively louder. Problem is, when off charge, sometimes it does not even get to 5 or 6 repeats (at least on my device) before it freezes or the sound cuts out, so I never get to hear full volume.

    Was finally able to leave a customer support request with HTC tonight for the mute issue (maybe exclusive to HTC) and the alarm bug, linking the appropriate MD threads. Don’t expect any kind of serious response but you never know. If I do hear back I will be sure to share.

  29. @jimski/david k: yes, after letting the alarm continue i finally notice the volume step up after about a minute. then a short vibe and max volume about another minute later. i would like it to ramp up faster and vibe from the start. i miss the options we had in WinMo…

    i let the alarm ring out and after it stopped i dismissed it and it was fine. it was not plugged in just like the time when i did lose sound, so i could not replicate the issue.

  30. @levin808: That sounds about right. In my testing the vibration (2 short vibes) usually started after about the third alarm cycle, and each cycle took about 15 seconds. Interesting that you couldn’t replicate the no sound issue, but if its tied to cache, buffers, etc. the Focus is probably configured differently than the HTC devices and you may need a near “perfect storm” to recreate it. It’s probably still a bug though that needs correcting. Thanks for your efforts. Every little bit helps the community.

    I did post a message in the HTC forums explaining the alarm issue. Let’s see if other users have experienced the same problem, and more importantly, see if HTC has any comments.

  31. Today it happened to me again.

    I may state, that the phone was _not_ plugged in to a power outlet!

    I usually oversleep the first couple of alarm cycles… ^_^#
    When i woke up for whatever reason, the phone was NOT ringing anymore.
    I could toggle between the “screensaver” home screen and standby by pressing the power button, but i could neither unlock the phone by sliding the homescreen up not change the volume…

    After i took a shower, i could see the phone rebooting itself without me doing anything.

    All the alarms with different ringtones suddenly went off at once…it was…erratic…to state one of my favourite science officers…

  32. @cwem: Up to your phone auto rebooting and all the alarms sounding (never happened to me in testing), the circumstances were the same that I experienced on my Surround. So maybe there is something in the OS causing a problem but the different memory structures of the devices result in different outcomes. Based on your comments though I expect to hear from more Samsung users over time. Thanks.

  33. My mozart and my brothers mozart do mute when alarm should ring. We have to make soft reset to enable the sounds.

  34. Thanks for the feedback Sivasli58. In my testing I got the mute with alarm when my Surround had been recently soft reset (powered off/on). If it was several days between resets then the phone would lockup instead. I did post this alarm bug in the Surround forum over at HTC. You might want to do the same in the Mozart forum. Hopefully someone from HTC is monitoring and can put two and two together. At least I hope they can.

  35. I have a weird problem on my HD7 –

    I set recurring alarm and let it go without snoozing or stopping it.
    At a much later time when i make/receive any phone calls, the other party will not be able to hear me at all while i can still hear the other party.
    The problem only goes away after i restarted the phone. No settings was changed in the process. weird?
    I encountered it thrice and that was enough. I disable the alarms and i use a real physical alarm clock. since then I had never encounter the same problem on my HD7 again.
    I guess that means it the alarm, ain’t it?

  36. HTC HD7 phone locks if you ignore the alarm then hit dismiss/snooze later. Has happened everyday for 5 days in a row always unplugged. Can’t do anything – have to reset the entire device. Also – alarm volume is too low and never increases even if device is set to the max volume. When playing the alarm the volume is fine, but this is never the volume the actual alarm is played at. Alarm clock is so buggy it is not worth using.

  37. @Tanya: Thanks for sharing. Yep, this bug has been confirmed on every HTC WP7 handset, and maybe possibly on the Focus, but not definitively confirmed. I have reported this issue in the HTC Surround Forum. Hopefully someone is looking into it.

    Note that the alarm tone should ring a total of 27 times before it finally quiets down on it’s own. When off of charge though, often it will only ring two or three times and then stop, so not enough rings to get up to full volume. You can try this by using the alarm while plugged into charger. I would suggest not bothering with the alarm until the first update is pushed out early next month. Hopefully that will make it go away.

  38. @zHe: Interesting. In my alarm testing, after a fresh reset and testing the alarm off charge, the phone volume would turn off and I couldn’t get the sound back without a soft reset. But I never did check whether it was also muted. The article DavidK linked to involved random instances of the phone muting, only on an HTC Surround up your post. It has only happened to me twice in two months. The first time may have been after an alarm test (not sure) but definitely not the most recent event. I have not touched the alarm since a couple days after posting this article, Maybe this pending February update will address the issue.

  39. @Norcal: There have been a few reports of Focus users having strange issues but the circumstances have been different, so I don’t believe it is the exact same problem. Memory & management on the HTC/Samsung devices is different which I think may be part of the issue. Or maybe just some crappy HTC add-on code. Not sure.

    Muting is very random and I think only associated with HTC devices. The alarm issue needs the following parameters;
    -Phone not plugged into charger or any USB port
    -Don’t touch the phone or use it for anything else during test
    -Alarm rings, but ignore it. Do not touch phone.
    -Alarm should continue to ring, for up to about 5 minutes
    -After the alarm finally stops ringing, dismiss the alarm.
    -If screen is frozen or you no longer have any sound, you got the bug. A power off/on fixes everything.
    -If all is Ok, you are clean.

  40. ok, i want to try this out on the Focus and see what happens.. (probally nothing due to what you said).. just out of curiosity

  41. My brand new “WIndows Phone” did the same thing for the last 3 days. I had no sound & could not get it to play videos. I had plugged it in overnight and set a reoccuring alarm during the week. The next day it locked up and lost sound/video. Thanks to this post I powered it off and guess what the sound & video came back.

  42. @Michael Howard: Glad we could help. If you don’t mind, what brand/model of WP7 phone? Just trying to keep track of who has what problem.

  43. HTC MOZART – love the actual phone but having so much trouble with the alarm. the alarm goes off initially, but if i press snooze a few times the phone goes on mute. have overslept a number of times because of it. tried pressing dismiss instead of snooze but the same thing happens. sometimes it freezes with a black screen and have to take the battery out to reset it. i now put it on the floor hoping that i’ll hear it vibrate incase it doesnt ring. will there be an update to fix this because this happens, without fail, every morning. highly annoying when i need to wake up at 5.30am! please help.

  44. HTC 7 Mozart crashes everytime I dismiss alarm in morning, very frustrating start to the day… Happens charging or not. only way to reboot is to remove battery. Great phone but my old Nokia had better functionality!

  45. @TJ & Mozart: Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the pain. At least for me, if you plug the phone into a charger, the alarm will work reliably. Maybe not a long term solution but with any luck this will be addressed with the February update. I did post the issue in the HTC support forums (AT&T Surround) and have not heard anything about it. So not certain that HTC believes this is a real issue. Hope they do though.

  46. You mean the ‘January’ update right? Without doubt Microsoft will probably get it wrong… Richest company in the world can’t meet their own deadlines?

  47. Yes, I mean the January update that we won’t see till February (hopefully). And if this problem is tangled in whatever HTC added to their phones, they may need to do the untangling. But first they need to identify and admit the problem exists. That’s a big first step.

  48. The problem so easily repro’s in my HTC HD7. Set a recurring alarm, and don’t respond to the alarm. After the alarm gives up, audio is dead and one has to restart the device. I have had frozen screen at ‘Enter your credentials’ UI, but I haven’t seen it since I master reset the phone once.

    Looks like WP7 doesn’t like lazy people and promptly punishes ones that don’t respond to alarms. :-)

  49. I just got the Windows 7 Phone on the HTC Mozart and I set three seperate alarms in the morning, I cant get up for the first but its my warning alarm letting me know I have 30 minutes of sweet sleep left… WELL every 3rd day or so the first one goes off and then… thats it, I wake up 1-2 hours later and run like made to get ready for work!

    Shame microsoft released the phone as it is, the marketplace is garbage and there are so many little bugs that just shouldn’t be there…. at least I have my spare iphone if it gets too annoying….

  50. On my LG Optimus 7 (UK), several mornings I have had a silent alarm when the device has been charging. The prompt is on screen allowing me to dismiss or snooze, but I cannot hear the alarm. I tested this last night and I COULD hear it so it seems to be after the phone has been idle for a while. I’ll try it after a power cycle and see if that makes a difference.

  51. i usually have it charging overnight and i haven’t had an issue for a while, (except couple of times the alarm may have cut out early, but then again i probably just slept through it). but this morning i dismissed the alarm, unplugged the charger and tried to unlock the phone, and the phone appeared frozen (didn’t leave it long enough to see if the clock stopped refreshing). i could not swipe the lock screen up, and holding the camera button didn’t start the camera app. before going to the power button i tried the volume and that responded and thereafter phone worked normally, the screen responded to my swipe. weird.

  52. My HTC HD7 locks up while plugged in, usually if I hit Snooze on the alarm once or twice, or if I let it ring for more than a few minutes. All of the sound and vibrate functions turn off (which means I can’t hear the alarm OR my coworkers calling me and telling me I’m late), and sometimes the whole phone locks up and I need to pull out the battery and put it back in to get it to reset. Definitely not usable as an alarm, I’ve had this happen six or seven times now.

  53. […] DavidK originally reported the problem here. and I followed up after more […]

  54. Hi Mozart. I use the Mozart phone and I too have lots of trouble. People can not hear me if I let the alarm run until it self quiets. It was real frustrating at first until I realised the problem was with the alarm. I also experience silence also and the occasional lock up. The update that I just recieved did not fix the problem. How can such a simple app have such a huge bug?

  55. @Adam – I know, not what you want to hear, but all my alarm troubles went away after I factory reset my phone three weeks ago. I have had an alarm to wake me up every morning the past two weeks, on and off the charger, with no issues. Don’t make many phone calls, but so far no muting issues either. Got my fingers crossed on that one.

    Don’t know why the hard reset fixed the alarm. Suspected it might have been an app I installed but now I don’t think so. Almost like the original install was messed up somehow. So no promises, but if the alarm problem really bothers you, a hard reset may do the trick. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but it will take you 1 to 4 hours to get everything back, depending on how many apps you have installed. Just have a good plan before you start and you will be up and running in no time.

  56. Every morning almost. The phone this morning, for example, appeared to function fine, but calls that came in caused no change on the screen, and the phone vibrated very briefly. *bzzt* instead of the usual extended vibrate + ring… HTC HD7, winmo 7. I slept through the alarm. It’s really wacky. When my phone DOES ring in the “locked up” condition, nobody can hear me, but i can hear them. I have to restart the phone, and then the call list shows all my missed calls, text messages, etc., even though it never really rang.

    I’d say this happens 3-4 times a week, and my alarm recurs daily. I did not notice it until perhaps february, which is when the first OS update dropped. Worked fine through all of january (got it shortly after new year’s)

  57. Still same problems every day with callers not hearing me and the alarm bug, and a new one where the phone works but plays no! I’ve been waiting for the ‘January’ update for months which I thought would fix my phone and I’ll be relatively happy with microshaft again.. but that wont fuggin work either! i’ve scoured the internet for fixes and tried EVERYTHING… never buying windows phone again.

  58. @Mozart: Have you tried a hard reset. I reset for other reasons but the side benefit was all the alarm, muting and sound problems going away, at least for me. From what I have read, the updates don’t seem to fix these issues. Resetting is never fun but the results are worth it.

  59. I have a HTC Mozart and been getting 2 recurring issues

    1. I hit snooze on a recurring alarm an it sometimes does not come back on
    2. I hit snooze on a once off alarm and it goes of several times with about a second in between.

    After months of trying to find reproducible steps i suspected it was cause by my time automatically syncing. I disable the automatic sync and deleted and recreated my alarms. For a month i did not have the issue but i also lost 10mins in time. i enabled this option again and straight away got the issue.

    i took the phone back under warranty and told them my findings, it came back saying they replaced the board which should have fixed it but 2 days in I’ve already seen the first issue twice. Either this is a common flaw with htc or they didn’t do what they said they did.

  60. I have an HTC hd7 from t-mobile and my problem is that the alarm rings, but there are always 2 alarms that ring at the exact same time (even though I’ve only set one). Then, once I hit snooze on either one or both, it never rings again. It used to work, but it has done so less and less frequently lately. This is actually my second hd7, because I dropped my first one in the Mediterranean this summer, and both phones had the same problem.

  61. Damn it ! It happenned to me this morning… Samsung Omnia 7 with Mango, plugged in with recurring alarm.

    2 hours late at work =/

  62. I have been having problems with HTC Mozart

    After I first purchased the phone i had it on charge and it would turn off at night, it will not come back on unless I take the battery out and restart the phone. This happened quite often, when i spoke to HTC online they said to try and use anoter socket to plug in the charger.

    Now my problem seems to be with the snooze button. I have set my alarm for 6.20, i used to snooze it 3 times, and the snooze was 5 minutes long, so i could get up at 6.30. Over the past week the snooze lasts 6 minutes 1st time, then the next one lasted 15 minutes today. I woke up in between obviously in a panic as I was late for work, but i took my phone with me and the next snooze didnt work at all, the alarm has still not gone off.

    There is no setting to change the snooze length and now I am conidering using another alarm altogether to wake up, I can’t rely on the phone alarm

  63. My HTC Trophy did not wake me this morning, it was on the charger, now the people block is moved to the top left leaving a blank area on the screen. Pulled the battery and repowered but did not fix. Off to Verizon to see what they can do. I had a Droid that worked way better and has better apps but this is a company provided POS that I have to use….

  64. hi!
    well I got htc hd2. I’ve a prob regarding alarm I.e it only alarm twice & then silent while I need it alarm until manually stopped.
    is that only the mater either with my cell, all htc or atleast hd2 prob.
    plz help with that.

  65. I just got a Samsung Focus Flash. On Sunday I set two weekday alarms – one for 8am and another for 8:30am.

    Monday and Tuesday morning, no problems.

    Wednesday morning I hit snooze and the alarm never went off again after that. I was an hour late for work.

    Thursday morning the phone vibrated instead of playing a sound. I checked both alarms and they had “Good Morning” for the sound (they were NOT set to vibrate only). I tried to change to another sound and the phone would not play any sounds at all. I powered the phone off and back on and could once again play sounds.

    I guess I’ll find out in the morning if my alarm is working again.

    I would like to point out that I had a Motorola RAZR V3 for 4 1/2 years and the alarm worked every single time, without fail.

  66. I get in excess of 1 1/2 hours per crhgae and it’s very easy to change the battery if it dies. There are two tiny screws underneath, near where the chain fastens. The battery is attached with double sided tape. 5 minutes with a fine phillips screwdriver, a spare battery, and a soldering iron with a fine tip and you’re set to go again. I use these cameras all the time on my bike and on model helicopters. Considering what it is and the price you pay you get excellent quality.

  67. My old HTC HD7 and my current HTC Mozart both have the alarm bug. I seem to have to dismiss (or snooze) the default Alarm multiple times to get rid of it. The really annoying thing is the repeat request is not immediate, sometimes you can wait up to three seconds before it asks again.

    Why has this not been resolved?

    Currently on OS 7.10.8107.79 on UK 02.

  68. I had a samsung focus for 2 years and it always had sporadic alarm problems. I set multiple alarms usually two sets of 3 or 4 at 10 minute intervals. Sometimes half those alarms just don’t go off, or maybe just one of them. And by don’t go off i mean they are always set to ring only once instead of daily so that i turn them on manually before going to sleep and when I wake up and check my alarms there will be one or two still on that were skipped. (If they are off it means they went off and i dismissed them) After doing that my phone will sometimes ring a random alarm at some weird time like 1:54 or 9:43 later in the day or it would ring several all at exactly the same time (different sounds all going off at once) at a random time. I found no way to fix the problem the entire time I had the phone.

  69. Samsung Ativ S – alarm seems to function sometimes and not others. Set the alarm for M-F @6am and on one or two days of that period there is just no alarm going off at all. Tried using the alarm in app – it seems to go off but never starts playing the radio station – so no sound. Always plugged in overnight.

  70. nokia 521. Stuck on alarm setting. can’t use my phone. phone was plugged in last night and alarm set. alarm went off this am but phone is stuck on alarm setting.

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