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The Windows Phone Alarm Bug

imageWant to do some research? We’re trying to get a little data to see how broad the Windows Phone alarm bug is. You don’t know about the bug? Well it seems like, at least on some devices, alarms cause the system to lockup and that’s not a good thing when you need the alarm to…well work. It’s been seen on HTC devices that use a recurring alarm while the phone is plugged in and charging (uhm like every morning sorta thing). So, if you’ve used your Windows Phone as an alarm clock (not for calendar appointments which seem immune from this) then share your results. Please note your device, if the alarm was one time or recurring and if the device was plugged in…and of course if you had any issues with it. This will pin point if it’s an OS issue or specific to some devices and hopefully help set some criteria so that you can all wake up on time and not blame your phone.