I have a problem and I think you have it to. Go grab your Windows Phone and take a video and while it’s recording send yourself an email. Good – now play back the video. What happens? The audio cuts out after the email comes in. I’ve had this issue with my Focus and it’s here on my Titan as well. I’ve had plenty of videos with missing audio in the past but I took a video the other day and once I heard the email vibration notification that was the end of audio so I finally realized the connection. The remaining 5 minutes of video is sound-free. So I tested it and sure enough, as soon as an email hits the audio recording cuts out.

So you know, my email notification is set to vibrate and make a sound. When you’re recording video, audible notifications are disabled by the OS but the phone still vibrates. I’ve tried this with my sound set to vibrate and with sound on and the audio recording cuts in both cases.

So let’s crowd source this one. Anyone else experiencing this or want to test it out? Let’s see if it’s my issue or a bigger issue.

For the record, I think that while taking a video you want that to be the primary function so I don’t want vibrating notifications. You can hear it loudly on the video. Give me visual notifications only while I take video, but all of this is an aside from the issue at hand. Shout out in the comments.


  1. I have a Titan and normally have and the new email notifications turned off, but I turned it on and tried this but my video sound never cut out.

  2. Tried it on the Samsung Focus with no problems. Audio came through fine for me before and after receiving an email.

  3. Interesting. Thanks for the feedback so far guys. I have lots of videos where the sound cuts out on both my phones and I can make it happen on my Titan on demand now. Let me see if I can pin down conditions further.

  4. Just had this same problem happen with my new HTC Titan. VERY frustrating as it was an important video of a (non-commercial) concert and the audio was lost 2 minutes into an 11 minute performance.

    I’ve turned off toast notifications in WordsByPost, but the damage is done.

    Another annoyance I’ve found is that I’ve had notifications — or, even worse, call waiting calls — come in while I’m talking on the phone and the notification just blasts into my ear. This NEVER happened with my Win 6.5 phone. Somehow, that phone was smart enough to mute notifications if I was talking on the phone.

    • Yes and Yes! Video cuts out after a notification comes in and that notification in the ear while I’m talking makes me want to smash my phone…it freakin’ hurts it’s so loud! Anyone know if they have fixed these bugs on the HTC Titan II. Drives me nuts in both cases!!!

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