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Tilt 2 Is Now Free* From LetsTalk and $150 From Amazon

imageJust follow the bouncing ball…and watch for the asterisk:) Here’s the deal: if you go to and add the $79.99 phone plan (1350 minutes) or higher, then the Tilt 2 is updated in your cart to be free. Also, they have a pretty decent trade in price for a Fuze of $121.80 so you can actually make a few bucks if you’re willing to part with an old friend:) 

Just to keep the competition up, Amazon has the Tilt 2 for $150 with a new service plan. With Amazon you can get a $40 phone plan whereas the $100 deal at LetsTalk is $60/month (with the $40 plan on LetsTalk it’s $200 for the phone). Amazon let me go through with a $40 plan and $30 data plan as the minimums and there is no change in the price for the phone.

OK, so competition is good for the consumer yet again. Thanks for the tip Randy!