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Featured App: Parcel Tracker for WP7

Downloaded this app yesterday as I had three packages floating around out there and I have become tired of; searching for the shipping email notification in my inbox, copying the tracking number (on my PC that is), opening the appropriate shipping service website, pasting the tracking number and reviewing the results. Based on the reviews Parcel Tracker has been ported over from Android by the same developer, and we can expect an even better execution than the current app, which I am totally satisfied with at this point. It’s already at V so you know the dev has been hard at work.

Using the app is simple. You enter data into three fields; the service used, a name for your shipment and the tracking number (boy do I miss copy and paste now). After that, your package info is updated and included in the queue that will refresh with new info each time you open the app. It uses a friendly panoramic view with panels for; parcels, add parcel, remove parcel and info. Clean and simple. Not one button at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on a package expands the view to give you all the transfer information. The app works with all the services listed in the first screenshot below. And before anyone in the US gets nervous, the bottom of the list includes: TNT, UPS & USPS. So pretty much every US service is covered as well as many others I suspect.


One app reviewer commented that it takes a bit of time for the tracking info to make its way up to the app, but all three of the packages I was tracking got delivered today and I suspect I got the notification within a few hours of delivery which is close to normal, and good enough for me. I like the fact that I can keep delivery info on the app so I can refer back to it if necessary (two items were returns), at least until any issues have been resolved. One other negative is that the app does have a trial; but it’s limited to opening the app only three times. So you really need a package in the system before downloading/opening if you want to properly evaluate the app. You can find Parcel Tracker in the Zune Marketplace here for $1.29.

NOTE: The link above requires that Zune Marketplace is installed on your PC.

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