Here is how to get the Touch Pro II for $149.99 with a two year contract directly through Tmobile. Call Tmobile Business Direct at 866-464-8662, then choose option 3 and when they ask for a promotion code mention “windows mobile”. Once you do that they should tell you that the Touch Pro II is $149.99, activation fee is waived and a data plan is required. I did not get my phone using this method yet, I only called and verified that it is indeed accurate and that the device is actually $149.99. So if anyone gets the phone this way let us know how it went.


  1. Man, seriously considering adding a T-Mobile account to my life. Currently using a Fuze and E71 on AT&T.

    Between this and the Magic (although I’m kinda waiting for a US 3G Hero to come out w/ AT&T bands). And Google Voice to handle the numbers.

    I went to T-Mo the other day just to handle the Touch Pro2 and check it out. Glorious device (although the T-Mo version lacks the 3.5mm jack, still unknown if the AT&T version will have it or when that one comes out).


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