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Goog Maps With a Little Buzz

image Version 4.0 of Google Maps is out with Buzz. Buzz is Goog’s new social networking attempt. Buzz lets you:

  • Share a tip, make a recommendation, post a picture, or say what’s happening now and tag it with a place.
  • Find out what people are talking about (for example, a concert or upcoming traffic jam) by looking at a map.
  • See posts about a place or business, such as the best dish at a restaurant.
  • Posting and viewing

    You may view buzz at any time but need to sign in to a Google Account in order to post.

    • Buzz layer: post or view buzz on the map.
      1. Open the main menu and select ‘Layers’ > ‘Buzz.’
      2. Buzz icons appear on the map if available; select one to view it or select the list view to see all the buzz on the map in a list.
      3. Depending on your phone, post buzz by touching the on-screen button, or by selecting the main menu’s ‘Add Buzz’ option.
      4. You may optionally attach a photo or change your tagged location to a nearby place instead of your current location.
    • Places: post or view buzz about a specific place, such as a business.
      1. Find a place or business either by looking at the map or by searching.
      2. Open its detailed view by selecting the map info window or the search result listing.
      3. Select the option to see the buzz about the place.
      4. Post buzz or see what other people have said.


    Select specific buzz from a place or the map to post a comment or see what comments others have added.


    Buzz in Google Maps is always tagged with a location, either a specific place like a business or your current approximate location. If you’re posting about a specific place, you can change the tag from your current approximate location to a nearby business before posting.


    Post photos related to a place for others to see. When posting buzz, select the option to attach a photo.

    Just so you know, we were invited to the party but we didn’t get VIP access:


    You can get the latest version by going to or just click here to directly download the cab. In looking at my immediate area, I can see 9 Buzzes within a few short blocks. These are people I don’t know. I can see that some people have posted things and others have replied to it. Very stalkerish… It is sort of neat to find places in your area using the Buzz location feature and it gives a nice lists of places to see/go to in the area. Anyway, if you try it tell us your thoughts. And as always, let the conspiracies begin since Google now has more info than all the world’s governments combined 🙂

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