imageWish your Windows Phone had turn by turn directions with an optional 3D view? Ok, done.

A-to-B is a Turn-by-Turn application built to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the ArcGIS API for Windows Phone.
Warning: The application is meant for demonstration purposes only! Do not rely solely on the suggested routes or instructions given by this application.
– Turn-by-turn routing. Sound notification when a turn is coming up.
– Add often used destinations as favorites.
– List of recent destinations.
– "3D view" when in navigation mode with easy accessible "zoom in/out" buttons.
– 2D Map for browsing the map supporting pinching, panning etc, and pick new destination by touch’n’hold on the map.
– Easy accessible "Recalculate" button if you go off the route and need a new route from your current location (because of service restrictions, the app is not allowed to do this automatically).
– Routes all over US (support for Europe coming in a future version).
– Worldwide map (detail may vary).

I loaded it just to take a look at how it works – sick sick stuff. It’s not entirely polished off but definitely worth taking a look at. If Microsoft continues to sit on their thumbs, this may become the de facto navigation app. It’s got a solid 4 stars right now. It’s in the navigation category.


  1. A-to-B is a relatively decent app, especially for a “demo”. However, I’m still a bit frustrated that no one has stepped up to fill the gap for genuine, offline turn by turn. I’m more than happy to pay 30 or 40 bucks to turn my phone into a reliable GPS nav unit that will work with or without data reception. Unfortunately, it’s discouraging to hear Copilot, and possibly Tom Tom saying that they’re “not interested.”
    This is one of few features that my old Fuze had and I wish I could get back. All I can hope is that someone, somewhere, is quietly working on something that will surprise us.

  2. I agree – I have spent $600 over the years with CoPilot, and now they just shrug and say “we dont have a WP7 solution”. Are they committed to the market or not? I just 9 months ago bought the WM6 version and now it’s useless. Come on, Copilot???

  3. Where’s the TomTom for WP7? I hate myself for early adopting sometimes, but I thought for sure they’d have it released by now. I do need to give it up for @SharpGIS -much nerd respect for putting things i thought only i could be interested in together. Anything coming related to mapping and Rock Band or other games?

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