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More WP7 Goodness Coming to AT&T? – Maybe HD7?

Pocketnow is reporting that HTC has submitted a WP7 handset for FCC approval suggesting that it a version of the HD7, suitable for use on AT&T. Read their speculative comments below:


HTC has submitted a Windows Phone 7 handset for FCC approval whose model number, label, and 3G band support suggest that it is a version of the HD7 suitable for use on AT&T. Packing the WCDMA Band V and II radios required for AT&T HSPA connectivity, this device goes by the model number PD29130 — just one digit off from the PD29110, a WCDMA Band IV-compliant Windows Phone from HTC which passed the FCC on October 4th and is almost certainly T-Mobile’s HD7. What’s more, the two devices sport FCC ID labels which are the exact same size and shape, highly suggestive of the fact that they are the same phone with different cellular radios.

So does this mean that the HD7 will definitely find its way into AT&T’s lineup? It would certainly make sense from both the carrier’s and manufacturer’s points of view, as the lone HTC Windows Phone 7 on that network, the HTC Surround, doesn’t have nearly the buzz that the company’s 4.3-inch flagship does. However, it’s also possible that this is an overseas variant destined for either Canadian or South American carriers, and simply passing the FCC as these models sometimes do. Less likely is the possibility that HTC plans to sell an AT&T-compatible unlocked HD7 in the US, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Source: Pocketnow