ipad-halloween-costumeI am always searching for a Halloween costume and one of the biggest draw backs for me is that I am 6’4 and none of the “rack” Halloween costumes ever fit right. So that mean I got to make my own, and who has time for that. I guess I could get really good making myself into Frankenstein each year, but that is boring and usually a lot more work that I want to put into my costume. If you are tech geek, and have a couple of iPads handy, cause everyone likes that iPad so much they bought two! Then check out this awesome idea!

Really simple, the costume creator takes and old jacket, duct tapes the inside to hold a couple iPads on front and back and outlines the openings with fake blood. (real blood may cause issues later on in the evening). Then he simply starts a Facetime video chat which makes it look like you have a hole going straight through you. Awesome idea and works pretty well. Check out the video!



  1. This is probably not good comment material, but I’m going to post it anyways.

    One of my foster brothers decided to go to a party as “A big Dink” his title not mine.

    True to form, he showed up dressed a 6′-6″ penis, scrotum and all. Needless to say, he was the hit of the party with all the ladies and some of the men I hear tell.


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