Have you ever tried to cheer your team on by posting Facebook statuses? Its an okay experience and hopefully a few of your friends care enough or know enough to get in on the fun. This year’s Super Bowl was the first in history where Twitter was a socially relevant way of connecting with those who share your same passion. So it comes as no surprise that Twitter users pumped out a whopping 24.1 million Super Bowl game tweets.

Let this be a lesson to you all. You’re not alone in this world and even if you feel that way some times try adding a hashtag to your ramblings and you’ll soon find there are another thousands, if not millions, that “get it” and you. I watched a game with one friend but we were able to enjoy the game and laugh at all the hilarious responses to a pretty good selection of Super Bowl commercials. Good times with good people that get it! Whatever it is.

Source: CNET