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PSA for all you coffee lovers

This is a PSA for all you coffee lovers out there. I look forward to my cups of Nespresso every weekend (the capsules cost too much to drink every day), though I’ve often found the last sip or two are bitter – unlike the rest of the cup.

Real coffee drinkers take it “straight up” without any sweeteners or creamers to camouflage the good, or bad, taste. After some thought, I discovered by simply giving your newly brewed cup a quick stir with a spoon mixes the brew together resulting in a satisfying drink from start to finish. The first couple ounces on both a Nespresso and Keurig machine brew the strongest coffee – at the bottom of the cup. Make sure to lick that wonderfully thick crema off the spoon though. Wouldn’t want to waste any of that.

If you enjoy an amazing cup of coffee or expresso and haven’t picked up a Nespresso yet, treat yourself and do it today. There’s nothing like it. Whether it’s the weekend coffee or a quick double espresso to pick me up after a hard day’s work, the machine is always standing by. Twenty seconds to warm up and nothing to clean up. I recommend the Odacio and, of course, the Chocolate Fudge for dessert. Enjoy.