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Nokia Still Owns Mobile Patents Lawsuits To Follow

As we mentioned earlier that Nokia will be selling parts of it’s business to Microsoft in a very huge deal that will help Microsoft continue making its  presence felt in the “post pc era” to coin an Apple (probably patented) phrase. Sold to the Redmond Giant was Nokia’s Device and Service division as well as license patents and Maps. Microsoft will enjoy 10 years of Nokia’s very coveted patents which they don’t seem to willing to share with many people. In fact Nokia cashed in on hundreds of millions of dollars from Apple in a lawsuit. So why hang on to the patents then? Microsoft is already sitting pretty with 20 Android manufacturers collecting royalties which would leave Nokia with a green light to go after Android manufactures as well in the coming months.

"It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see litigation filed by Nokia in coming months," said one senior IP executive who has dealt with both companies, but did not want to be identified to maintain those relationships.

Had Microsoft bought Nokia’s patents outright, the pincer movement against Android likely would have been precluded, the executive said.

Nokia also gave Microsoft the option to convert the 10-year agreement to a perpetual license, which Smith said Microsoft would exercise.


So good news for Patent Lawyers as it seems there will be no shortage of work for them anytime soon. While the rest of us however get to sit back and watch the Tech Giants duke it out in court.

(source) via TheDavidK!