Maybe I’m easily impressed but the concept of a 3D screen that doesn’t require glasses (yup like the Nintendo 3DS) on a smartphone impresses me. And let’s take it a step further, let’s make it so the camera can also take 3D pictures. This is what Sharp is lining up for the Japanese markets. The specs are otherwise typical with 1ghz Snapdragons…oh and a 9.6mp camera (where did that spec come from?) and 3.8” WVGA screens. One has a keyboard and one is lacking it. They’re sporting Froyo and will launch with 7 3D movies available at launch (including Shrek and Despicable Me). It will also includes 7 3D Games like Bio Hazard, Ghost & Goblin, Megaman, Konami Mobile Baseball game, SILPHEED Alternative and Taiko No Tatsujin.

And these are slated for a December release (in Japan). I think one of the things that intrigues me is that by pushing this type of technology forward it makes everyone have to think about it and pushes the whole industry. So even if they never make it to our shores, and even if it’s not my OS of choice, I’m still digging it.

Via akihabranews


  1. Nice catch. I was flipping through my rss looking for inspiration and was about to fire this one out but scrolled up and saw that it was md. Proud moment when that happens.

    Kudos also for experimenting with… different subject matter.

  2. More important to me than megapixels would be a wider lens.

    How do you do 3D without either some sort of glasses or two different images where you cross your eyes to get them to overlap? That’s pretty cool by the way, if you know how to cross your eyes, take a picture of something and move maybe six inches to the right and take another picture. Then pull them up side by side and cross your eyes just right and voila, 3D. Works with video too if you’ve got two cameras.

    But I’d love to know how these guys are doing it.

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