If you like full freedom on your iPhone then today is a great day for you and the rest of the Jailbreak community! The evad3rs them has just released an untethered jailbreak evasi0n7 for iOS 7.0 a 7.0.4 on the latest apple devices including the iPhone 5S! The evasi0n7 software is available for both Mac and Window users and will work on the following devices:
– iPhone 5S
– iPhone 5C
– iPhone 5
– iPhone 4S
– iPhone 4

iPad owners get plenty of jailbreak love too! Evasi0n7 is available on the following iPads:

– iPad 2
– iPad 3
– iPad 4
– iPad Air
– iPad Mini
– iPad Mini 2
– iPod Touch 5

If you are new to the whole Jailbreaking “thing” you should do some reading on the subject and understand that this will void your warranty, possibly not allow you to use some streaming video apps, and royally hack off your IT guys if you have a company fruit phone like I do. If you do cannonball into the jailbreak pool then the world of Cydia has just opened up for you Cydia is the App Store for the Jailbreak community where you can download cool unapproved apps that apple snubs their one at. Thee are the apps like custom themes, better notifications, tethering your iPhone where your carrier blocks you and much more. Some are free, nod some re expensive but there are a lot of things to explore. Be careful, some of these apps could lead to problems as well. That’s where the untethered prt of the jailbreak comes in. You see, usually the first releases of a jailbreak re tethered. What that means is your phone must be synced to iTunes to jailbreak your device. If for any reason your have to reset your phone, you have to tether your iDevice back to your computer and do it again. The untethered Jailbreak means if you reset your device the jailbreak stays put and you do not need to sync to iTunes and jailbreak your device again.

Again you should read carefully the instructions and understand the risks even if they are very minimal thee days.

Head on over to http://evasi0n.com for more information and to jailbreak your shiny new iPhone 5S!


  1. Hmm. The primary reason I dev unlocked my Windows Phone was to gain access to side loaded apps. Specifically, screenshot, battery meter, voice to text and folders. In subsequent updates, Microsoft addressed the first three of those four shortfalls (still hoping for a folder solution) making dev unlocking almost meaningless today. Unless of course, you are a developer.

    Does Apple not pay attention to the jailbreak community, and try to add features and function that otherwise require side loading. Or are they that stubborn to insist that they know what’s best for the iDevice community. Seems a good number of iStuff users really look forward to this jailbreak news, where Microsoft has quelled that desire by implementing the most sought after XDA applications into their OS. And as a result, keeping WP locked down and safe for everyone.

  2. The included Chinese app store is a deal breaker for me – not that I need a jailbreak for anything though

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