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Affordable Smartphone Video Stabilizer "The SlingShot"

How many times have you heard a blog refer to a video or picture taken on a smartphone as Mister Blurry Cam? I got to say that there are a lot of times that I wish I had a quick easy solution to taking videos where I could go hands free or even have one had free to control the video, stop or start it back up, or keep available for taking a drink while at my son’s baseball game. I also would like to use my iPhone 4S more for taking videos while reviewing products right here on Mobility Digest. I think I may have found the perfect solution to my problems, and I think a  lot of other people’s as well that will not break the bank or be a pain in the butt to use.

It’s called Slingshot and it is a universal smartphone stabilizer that will allow you to use any smartphone in it provide you a one handed video solution as well as stationary tri-pod accessory. You can even unscrew the smartphone cradle from the hand controller and mount it to any tripod! Pretty cool actually. So this is a one stop tripod video controller for your smartphone that will cost less than $20 bucks.

The Slingshot is injection molded from acetral resin and has a 1/4-20 brass fitting in the bottom to allow you to mount it on any tripod as mentioned before. It will fit most any smartphone even in a case. The Slingshot has launched on to generate interest and funds to bring to market later this year. By the look of things, they will reach their goal of 20K as they are currently at $17,472 with 38 days left to go. You can  pledge some cash and get your slingshot with free shipping in the US for $14 bucks. $26 dollars will get you two Slingshots with free shipping. Remember, this will retail at $20 bucks so this is a pretty good deal. Check out the videos below for more on the Slingshot and as always we applaud their lovely choice of spokesbabes.


head on over to for more information and pledging.