From Brandon Watson:

During the Imagine Cup today, there was an announcement made that phones were going to be given to the students who were finalists in that competition.  The phones which they will be receiving are going to be production phones.  Meaning that they will not get phones until after general availability. The students who have participated in the Imagine Cup have created some absolutely amazing apps, across mobile, desktop, web, etc.  Those are exactly the kinds of developers we want to continue to be excited about the Microsoft platform.  That said, they aren’t getting any of the pre-production developer devices which will start landing in developers’ hands this month.

UPDATE: As Smartyp points out – the winners did get phones yesterday, the finalists did not as they only received vouchers. So there are some phones out there. Watson does use the word ‘finalist’ so that is consistent. Thanks for clarifying.


  1. The title of this article is misleading.. the winners DID get phones yesterday, but all the competitors DID NOT get phones yesterday – they will get phones once they are available.. so 2 phones were given out yesterday to the 2 winners, all the competitors got vouchers

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