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No Surface Pro 3 for me…yet

The Surface Pro 3 it’s a beast. One that I will recommend to others because Microsoft finally nailed it. The screen size, the hinge, the pen, the new cover… All incredible. My initial thoughts were to buy without over thinking it… Then I thought about it. Here’s my issue. I want one device that’s modern and complete. One that won’t have missing features begging me to buy the next version. Unfortunately the Surface Pro 3 isn’t there yet. Notably, there’s no GPS, there’s no LTE option and the new Broadwell chips are shipping this holiday season (usually that means in time for Black Friday). I hate this game… Always playing the waiting game. But I’m not spending $1000+ and not getting a proper device. I should have a connection at all times. I should be able to use GPS like most tablets can. And I don’t want a one year old chip.
Still there are a lot of people who won’t care about these missing “features”. I’ve been using my Dell Venue Pro 8 for note taking and it’s a game changer for me and the Surface destroys it in so many ways. This Surface I’d really innovative and can change peoples productivity. Still, I’m sidelined for now, partially because I have a Surface RT, the Del, a desktop and another tablet and I’m only buying more when I can justify it across the board. You?