The Surface Pro 3 it’s a beast. One that I will recommend to others because Microsoft finally nailed it. The screen size, the hinge, the pen, the new cover… All incredible. My initial thoughts were to buy without over thinking it… Then I thought about it. Here’s my issue. I want one device that’s modern and complete. One that won’t have missing features begging me to buy the next version. Unfortunately the Surface Pro 3 isn’t there yet. Notably, there’s no GPS, there’s no LTE option and the new Broadwell chips are shipping this holiday season (usually that means in time for Black Friday). I hate this game… Always playing the waiting game. But I’m not spending $1000+ and not getting a proper device. I should have a connection at all times. I should be able to use GPS like most tablets can. And I don’t want a one year old chip.
Still there are a lot of people who won’t care about these missing “features”. I’ve been using my Dell Venue Pro 8 for note taking and it’s a game changer for me and the Surface destroys it in so many ways. This Surface I’d really innovative and can change peoples productivity. Still, I’m sidelined for now, partially because I have a Surface RT, the Del, a desktop and another tablet and I’m only buying more when I can justify it across the board. You?


  1. You do make a point but there will always be new tech around the corner so why buy anything? When it comes to having 3g/lt built in, Most people have a phone with this, just setup internet added sharing and your sorted. Why have 2 contracts? GPS is a non issue for me. Most computers can get your location based on your connection so what do you need gps for on a computer? It makes sense in a mobile phone but I can’t think of any reason why I’d need the surface pro to have it.

  2. Nope. I’m with him. I bought the SP2 and beseds the weight and battery I thought it was good but I always said they should include a compass and gps. MS had the navigation market just before PDAs came out in full force. I had a BT gps with my Ipaq PDA and navigation software. It was awesome.

  3. I want GPS for real time directions and so I can put maps to use. I don’t tether because I have an unlimited data plan.
    There always will be new technology around the corner but LTE and GPS exist and are omitted (and presumably cost pennies add). Apparently the Intel core they went for is of a lesser version than the MBA (4400HD v 5000)

  4. By the way, where’s the Miracast dongle they were talking about in the past? They talked about a docking station, but the specs don’t list Miracast (while I have to assume it’s supported out of the box, but MS has had issues with this in the past).

    • All Surface Pro’s support Miracast and Wi-Di
      I think you need windows 8.1 to get it.

  5. I have not purchased a single Windows tablet yet, nor will I until they at least catch up to the competition. Lack of LTE and GPS, something the others have had for ages, is the biggest factor.

    What Microsoft doesn’t realise is that by forcing customers to take up other brands now, they are losing sales in the future. My family has become very familiar with the new operating system on the 5 tablets we purchased, so much so that despite all our previous computers being Windows based, we may never buy another one again.

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